How To Turn Off Sticky Keys On Windows

    In this article, we will explain how to turn off Sticky Keys on Windows. 

    Note these instructions apply to Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7.

    How To Turn Off Sticky Keys In Windows 10

    You can easily turn it on and off in windows 10 by pressing shift five times or follow the steps below.

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    • Press the Windows Key and select Settings.
    • Select Ease of Access > Keyboard
    • Scroll down and select the Sticky Keys toggle to set it to off. 
    • Verify that both the warning message and make-a-sound options are enabled, so you won’t turn sticky keys on by accident.

    How to Turn off Sticky Keys on Windows 7 and 8

    • Open the Control Panel.
    • Make the Keyboard Easier To Use by Select Ease of Access 
    • Check or uncheck Turn on Sticky Keys. Then select Apply.

    What Are Sticky Keys?

    It help people with disabilities or those who suffer from repetitive stress injuries. 

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    Rather than holding down a button, you can tap it and it will stay “down” until you press another key. 

    In Windows 7, 8, or 10, you can try this feature by pressing the Shift key five times. 

    A box will pop up and ask you if you want to enable it. Afterward, try typing something, and you’ll see it in action.

    You can use it if you don’t like holding down a key for long periods of time. 

    It can also be useful if you’re learning how to use software that makes heavy use of modifier keys.

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