How To Fix Unmountable Boot Volume In Windows 10

    In this article, we are going to take you through ways you can fix the Unmountable Boot Volume Windows stop code error in Window 10.

    What Is the Unmountable Boot Volume Error?

    The “boot volume” is the wall of your hard drive that holds Windows. 

    Boot volume stop code error occurs when your computer is unable to load Windows properly, leading in a blue screen of death.

    How To Fix Boot Volume Stop Code Error

    Step 1: Reboot And Check If Has Been Resolved

    If you encounter the unmountable boot volume stop code error while working, Try restarting your PC and log in again. 

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    You should be clear if the error doesn’t return for some time.

    Step 2: Create A Windows 10 Install Disk

    • Create a Windows installer on a USB drive or DVD using another device. 
    • It will allow you access Windows’s troubleshooting tools by booting from a different device.
    • Once you’ve created a new installation media, plug it your PC and boot from the USB or DVD. 
    • You may need to alter the boot order on your PC to do this.

    Step 3: Use Windows Automatic Repair

    • Allow Windows start from your USB until it loads up. 
    • Click the Next button. 
    • Click Repair your computer in the bottom-left instead.
    • Select Troubleshoot to get a list of Advanced Options. 
    • Choose Startup Repair and choose the target OS: Windows 10 (or your current version).
    • From here, Windows will run an automatic repair that will hopefully take care of your issue. 
    • Exit the installer once you done and boot your computer normally.

    Step 4: Repair The Master Boot Record

    Fix Unmountable Boot Volume In Windows 10

    Master Boot Record (MBR) includes information about where Windows lives on your hard drive and helps it load properly when your computer is on.  

    This MBR can lead to an unmountable boot volume message if it’s corrupted.

    To repair the MBR,

    • Boot again from your Windows 10 
    • Install media and select Repair your computer 
    • Troubleshoot. 
    • Choose Command Prompt in the advanced options screen.

    Type the command below to run an MBR repair:

    • bootrec /fixmbr
    • Wait until it completes, then run the commands below one at a time to try additional repairs
    • bootrec /fixboot
    • bootrec /rebuildbcd
    • Enter exit.

    Reboot again and see if the error has been fixed

    Step 5: Run The Ckhdsk Command

    Ckhdsk Command Prompt tool to lets you check the hard drive for errors, which may cause the unmountable boot volume message.

    Enter the command below I the command prompt.

    • chkdsk /r c:
    Fix Unmountable Boot Volume In Windows 10

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    Chkdsk may ask you to run next time the system restarts. If it does, enter Y for yes and reboot to start it.

    Wait for a while, Once it’s done, reboot again and see if the issue has cleared up.

    Step 6: Try An SFC Scan

    System File Checker, looks for corrupted Windows system files and tries to repair them. 

    Open a Command Prompt on your recovery drive, and enter the following command:

    • sfc /scannow
    • Wait for a while till the process completes. 
    • It will notify you if it fixed anything. 
    • Reboot

    Boot Volume Still Not Working? Test Hardware and Reinstall

    Fix Unmountable Boot Volume In Windows 10

    This should be considered when you’ve tried all the steps above and none works for you. 

    You may have a hardware issue, such as corrupted storage drive 

    Check to make sure the hard drive cable is securely connected. 

    And also make sure the RAM is properly seated.

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    Run some diagnostic tests to specify if a component is dying, then Replace it and check is it fix your issue.

    If you faces the error, your Windows installation may be corrupted in a way that the above utilities can’t repair. 

    Reinstall Windows.

    Fix Unmountable Boot Volume In Windows 10

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