Sunday, July 3, 2022
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How To Setup a VPN On Mac

In this article, we will be explaining how to setup a VPN on Mac. 

A VPN is known as a Virtual Private Network. It is highly specialized for proper security and protection of your information against hackers. In this article, we will be explaining how to set up a VPN on Mac. 

However, installing a VPN for Mac can seem tricky or daunting if you are not familiar with it. So before we dive into that, let talking what VPNs have to offer.

What Is The Purpose Of A VPN? 

The primary purpose of a VPN is to hide your online activity. VPNs are often used to guard against hackers and snoops on public networks, but they’re also helpful for hiding your IP address, browsing activity, and personal data on any Wi-Fi network.

How To Choose The Best VPN For Your Mac

Knowing what type of VPN suits your PC is fundamental because there are VPN companies out there that don’t have strong security or loopholes. However, there are differences between them that can affect how well the service works for you.

Most major VPN providers have similar server locations, encryption protocols, speed, and performance offerings. However, you’re advised to choose a VPN with one hundred percent of anonymity.

How To Setup A VPN On Mac

Installation of VPNs on Mac can vary due to the specific software setups. Here’s how to quickly set up your VPN on Mac. Try to follow the steps and make sure you didn’t skip any steps to avoid mistakes. 

You will also want to ensure that your macOS is up to date or that your VPN app is compatible with your system’s macOS.

  • Download and set up a VPN service. (These steps require payment)
  • Get the Mac-specific VPN software.
  • Install the Mac app by double-clicking on the .dmg file and following the on-screen prompts.
  • Launch and run the VPN app.
  • Once the app has launched, carefully review the preferences and settings.

How to Set Up a VPN on Mac Using VPN Settings

To set up a VPN via Mac’s built-in VPN settings, ensure you have all the necessary data first. This includes the VPN type, the server address, username, password, and shared secret. All this information is specific to each VPN and provided by your VPN operator.

  • Click the Apple icon in the upper left of your PC and choose System Preferences.
  • Now Choose Network and hit the Plus (+) to create a new network connection.
  • Select VPN from the Interface dropdown menu. ( L2PT over IPSec from the Service Name dropdown menu, and a name of your choice in the Service Name field.)
  • Now click Create.
  • Now, enter the Server Address and Account Name for the VPN.
  • Then, choose Authentication Settings.
  • Enter the Password and Shared Secret, then click OK.
  • Finally, click Apply, then click Connect.

Your VPN will now connect. Select Disconnect to turn off your VPN when you’re done.

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