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How to Open an External Drive that’s not Showing On Mac

In this article, we will be explaining how to open an External Drive that’s not showing on Mac. Click the link to read full guid.

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Usually, your Mac’s USB port should detect an external hard drive when you plug it into your PC. However, you try to open a drive, and you can’t open it with just a push. This article explains how to open an External Drive that’s not showing on Mac.

How to Open an External Drive that’s not Showing on Mac

Once you’ve noticed the problem with your Mac, then you can follow the highlighted troubleshooting methods below to identify the cause of your pain and ways to fix them:

Method 1: Change the Finder Settings

If your Mac’s system has been designed to display hard drives on the desktop, then it’s possible your PC won’t recognize external hard drives. This is known as one of the most common reasons that cause such problems:
  • Launch open your Finder Window
  • Navigate to Preferences and click General.
  • Confirm if the External disks option is enabled.

Method 2: Try Another Mac and Then Try a PC

Using another Mac is the next solution we’ve got for you. You can ask a friend of yours for help my using their Mac and see if it also fails to mount. This will indicate the problem with the PC or the drive.

Method 3: Delete Potentially Conflicting Apps

How recent is the problem? If a flash drive not showing up on Mac was completely fine a few days earlier, there could be an app causing conflict. If you’ve downloaded any new apps recently, uninstall them one at a time, connecting your hard drive after each uninstallation to see if the issue is resolved.
  • Open the app and select Uninstaller.
  • Click on View All Applications and select a recently installed app.
  • Click Uninstall.
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