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How to Fix Logitech Keyboard not Working Issue

This article will explain why your Logitech keyboard isn’t working and how to fix the issue. Click to read the full guide.

Author:Daniel BarrettAug 10, 202216416 Shares245010 Views
Logitech Keyboard Not Working– Logitech is one of the major computer peripheral brands in the world. They have several award-winning products such as wireless keyboards, mouses, and other computer components.
Logitech has emerged as one of the top vendors for cheap quality keyboards meant for gamingor professional use. The products range from wired to wireless devices, both of them being used extensively worldwide.
Noticeably, there were several problems after the Windows update where the Logitech keyboard failed to register some keys or didn’t respond at all.
This article will explain why your Logitech keyboard isn’t working and how to fix the issue.
This tutorial applies to all the Logitech wireless keyboards, so you are using Logitech K360, K470, K800, Logitech K270, or any other. You can find this post helpful solve the problem.

Check the Keyboard and USB Port

Sometimes we overlook things and try to fix the problem.
  • Make sure the on/off button on the keyboard is turned on!
  • Make sure the battery is in working condition. There are high chances that Logitech keyboard batteries have completed degraded.
  • Plugin receiver in another USB port.

Removing Logitech Software

Logitech products often come with Logitech software, which is a bridge between the software and the hardware. It lets you bind keys, update the firmware, set macros, control lighting, or help in pairing the devices. However, it is possible that the software in your computer isn’t working as expected and, in turn, causing conflicts with the hardware. We can try reinstalling the software and see if this does the trick.
  • Press Windows + R, type “appwiz.cpl” in the dialogue box, and press Enter.
  • Here all the programs installed on your computer will be listed. Next, right-click on the Logitech software and select “uninstall.”
  • Once uninstalled, restart your computer and remove the Keyboard or the receiver from your computer.
  • After the computer is turned on, plug the hardware back in and install the software. Now check if the problem at hand got solved.

Restarting HID Service to Fix Logitech Keyboard Not Working Issue

The Logitech wireless keyboard not working problem is sometimes noticed due to issues with HID services that you can fix by restarting the services and changing it to “Automatic. “
HID stands for Human Interface Devices, and as the name suggests itself, it has everything to do with the inputs given by the human.
The keyboard is an input device, and if there is any problem with HID, it may stop the keyboard from working correctly.
Let’s restart HID Services and see if we get rid of this problem.
  • Click on the Windows Icon; it will populate all the applications and programs installed on your pc.
  • Scroll down and click “Windows Administrative Tools” it will further populate other programs.
  • Scroll down and select “Services. “
  • When you select “Services,” it will open the Services tab. Look for “Human Interface Device Services” as in the below screenshot. Double click on it and go to “Properties. “
  • Go to the “General” tab, and from the “Start type” drop-down menu, select “Automatic” and hit “Ok. “
  • Make sure the “Service status” is “Running. “ If it is not, you can hit the “Start” button to run it.
  • Restart the computer and see if the Logitech wireless keyboard is working.

Uninstalling/Disabling Third-Party Antivirus Software

All Antivirus software constantly monitors your computer’s activity, including external devices connected to the computer. With that being said, there are cases where the antivirus conflicts with Logitech software rendering it useless for pairing. You can check our article on How to Disable your Antivirus. We have listed how to disable the software by covering as many products as we can. Comcast Constant Guard was a specific Antivirus that we noted to cause the problem. Nonetheless, you should disable your antivirus software no matter what it is.
After disabling your Antivirus, restart your computer and see if this made any difference. Feel free to enable the antivirus software back on if it didn’t.

Refreshing Keyboard Drivers to Fix Logitech Keyboard Not Working

We can now try reinstalling the default drivers for your keyboard by uninstalling them from the device manager and restarting your computer. When you restart your computer, the computer automatically detects the hardware connected, and since there are no drivers installed for the device, it installs the default drivers. This might solve the problem if you have faulty drivers installed.
  • Click on the Windows + R, type “devmgmt.msc” in the dialogue box, and press Enter.
  • Expand the category of Keyboard. Now right-click on the device and select “Uninstall device.”
Now Windows will ask you to confirm your actions before it proceeds with the uninstallation. Select “Uninstall” to proceed.
  • Now restart your computer and plug in your device (mouse/keyboard). Windows will automatically detect the connected hardware and attempt to install the required drivers.
  • If it still doesn’t work, head back to the device manager, and most probably, you will see the device present with a tiny exclamation mark in front of it. It means that the driver for this device isn’t installed correctly.
  • Right-click it and select “Update driver.” Now select “Search for drivers automatically.” Make sure that you have an active internet connection. Hopefully, the drivers will be installed, and the device will start functioning again correctly.
If it still doesn’t install the required drivers, head to Logitech’s official website and download the drivers for your specific device. Then, repeat the update process as we did earlier and this time, select “Search for drivers manually” and navigate to the file path of the driver you downloaded.
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