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How to Hide Instagram Account For Security Purpose

In this guide, you will be learning how to hide Instagram Account and prevent other users from finding you. Click the link to read more..

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Most people use Instagram to gain more audience, encourage their popularity, promote their brands, and reach out to people for job opportunities. However, by default, all shared images on an Instagram page can be viewed by anyone across the globe, but there are some that want to keep the circle small and prevent people from finding them on social media. In this guide, you will be learning how to hide your Instagram Account and prevent other users from finding you.
Notwithstanding, Instagram is customizable to your want. This can be done by removing specific information to personalize your account and preventing people from finding you.

How to Hide Instagram Account and Prevent Other Users from Finding You

There are so many ways to prevent your account. Keep reading to find out the best way that suits your need:

1. Enable Private Account

Instagram includes the Private Account option for those that don’t want to be known by many other users. This feature can prevent people from visiting your account and can be used to control people who can access your profile.
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Whenever anyone tries to visit your page, they will need to send a follow request before they have any access to your account. This is good enough to prevent your account from spies, fraud starts, and other harmful people on the Internet. However, here’s how to enable Private Account Mode:
  • Locate and hit Settings on your Instagram app.
  • Click on Privacy and toggle on the Private Account option at the top.

2. Block Certain Accounts

If you are a celebrity or a public figure, you do not feel like privatizing your account for a reason or two. Instead, we suggest you take your time to navigate through your followers to block some that don’t need to be there and also make sure you review all followers once Instagram notifies you that you have a new follower.
This can help you learn more about everyone that follows you and also help you figure out their purpose for following you. However, making sure you’re always careful on social media takes time and stress.

3. Disable your Instagram Account

This is another way to prevent being seen on social media. Why waste your time blocking people when you can disable the entire account since you do not need it anymore. So many people value their Instagram because they use it for their business, and millions of people use their Instagram to view products, cars, and other things that amaze them.
However, if you only use your account to have fun glancing at new things or things you’ve never experienced before, you can disable your account if you feel unsafe using it. Disabling it doesn’t mean you can use other social media platforms that make you feel safe doing whatever you do for fun. Here’s how to disable your Instagram account:
  • Launch your Instagram app on your device.
  • On the bottom right corner, you’ll see a circular profile icon. Click on it.
  • Choose the hamburger menu in your upper-right corner.
  • Select Settings.
  • Locate Account Center and click on it at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap on “Accounts & Profiles.”
  • Select your Facebook profile.
  • Click on the “Remove from Accounts Center” option to get rid of the account.
  • You’ll see a prompt that asks you to confirm whether you want to “disable connected experiences for your account.” Next, tap on the blue Continue button.
Note: Once you’ve successfully unlinked your Facebook account from your Instagram account, you’ll no longer appear in the “Discover People” tab when your Facebook friends decide to sync their contacts.
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