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22 Fantastic Free Screensavers For Windows 10/11

Fortunately, there are a ton of free screensavers online that not only look good but also provide inventive methods to personalize and enhance the appearance of your desktop. We've included some of the top free screensavers for Windows in this post for your consideration.

Daniel Barrett
Sep 19, 202366 Shares33164 Views
In the ever-evolving digital landscape, our computer screens serve as windows into a world of endless possibilities. Whether you use your computer for work, leisure, or both, adding a touch of personalization can greatly enhance your overall experience.
One way to achieve this is by installing captivating screensavers that transform your idle screen time into moments of visual delight.
Since the early days of personal computing, screensavers have been a common technique to improve the appearance of your desktop when your computer isn't in use.
They not only give your computer a unique touch, but they also prevent burn scars on the screen. Although Windows has a few built-in screensavers, you may find them excessively repetitive and tedious.
Fortunately, there are a ton of free screensavers online that not only look good but also provide inventive methods to personalize and enhance the appearance of your desktop. We've included some of the top free screensavers for Windowsin this post for your consideration.
In this article, we will explore the world of free screensavers for Windows, bringing you a selection of mesmerizing options that will breathe life into your desktop.

Before You Download Windows 10 Screensavers

Windows 10 Screensavers With Lake View
Windows 10 Screensavers With Lake View
The majority of screensavers for Windows 10 in this post and elsewhere on the internet come in ZIP file format. Before using the contents of your system, you must extract them.
Your extracted screensaver may sometimes be an EXE file, and other times it will be an SCR file. If the file is an EXE, double-clicking it will allow you to set up the screensaver on your computer. If the file is an SCR, you must right-click it and choose Install.
The customized screensaver will become accessible in the list of Windows screensaver choices in both scenarios.
Also, keep in mind that you may modify a variety of parameters in many homemade screensavers.
Open the Windows Parameters program and go to Personalization > Lock Screen > Screensaver Settings to choose the screensaver you wish to use and modify any of its available parameters.

Best Screensavers For Windows 10/11

Some of the best Windows 10 screensavers are given below.

Apple TV Aerial Views

If you've ever used an Apple TV set-top box, you know it comes with some incredible video that Apple specially produced to use as a screensaver. While many people would not mind seeing this film on their modest computer displays, it looks simply stunning on a huge TV.
Sadly, it doesn't seem like Apple will release a screensaver for Windows computers very soon. Fortunately, the creators of this screensaver were able to transfer those wonderful movies, and the Apple TV Aerial Views screensaver ran without a hitch on the ultrawide panel we used for our test system.
Although Apple has not yet attempted to take this down, we are unsure of how much of a legal gray area this is. So take advantage of it while they ignore you.


You may use the widely used and simple screensaver, Fliqlo. It's just a screensaver with a dark backdrop that shows you the time. This screensaver's distinguishing feature is the flip animation it uses to indicate the passage of time.

Windrift (Flux)

One of the most beautiful screensavers available is Windrift. Most people are familiar with it as the MacOS Drift screensaver. This is a fantastic option for individuals seeking a stunning screensaver that is lovely to look at.

Wallpaper Engine

When it comes to personal, customized screensavers that you may make. One of the greatest possibilities is the Wallpaper Engine. You can make your very own animated screensaver by downloading Wallpaper Engine from Steam. Otherwise, you may utilize any of the screensavers made by other users found in the Steam Workshop.


A magnificent screensaver that provides a cosmic image is called Hyperspace. In addition, it provides an animation of a spacecraft traveling through star fields, complete with stunning colors and shifting images.

HAl 9000

A Space Odyssey had a significant influence on the screensaver HAL 9000. It is a fascinating and soothing screensaver to see. Over the course of the eight displays, there are a total of 28 distinct animations.


Another fun screensaver that utilizes the 3D power of your computer is called Plane 9, although there are no fish in it. 250 3D scenes are included in this collection, which visualizes the audio you are now listening to. Additionally, you may combine scenes and alter the screensaver's appearance and feel.
Most of it is abstract, and those who recall the old WinAmp visualizer days will find it appealing. It's wonderful for your next home party as well as something to look at when you groove out to some songs.
A Window Wallpaper Software
A Window Wallpaper Software

Sim Aquarium

Aquariums are great, but they need a lot of maintenance and money. This Sim Aquarium screensaver is ideal for individuals who enjoy aquatic life, as you probably aren't permitted one at your workplace either.
This screensaver doesn't play back a video of actual fish as others do. Naturally, there is nothing wrong with that, but because this screensaver is properly 3D-rendered, you aren't always staring at the same loop. Of course, you need a GPU capable of doing the job.
A few fish species and a single image that solely displays a sun-dappled water surface are included in the screensaver's free edition. Other scenes and species must be purchased in order to be unlocked.
However, if just the free stuff were considered, this would be well worth the download. On the appropriate hardware, it is serene, lovely, and buttery smooth.

Pong Clock

Like Pacman, Pong is one of the first instances of a video game and is rather well-known. In fact, it's difficult to think of a time period in which this basic, unpolished imitation of table tennis wouldn't be seen as retro-cool.
Mark Wilson first made the Pong Clock for his personal entertainment, but since his latest update in 2008, the screensaver has gained popularity.
It's an easy idea to grasp. The time is shown at the top of the screen, and for your enjoyment, an unending game of Pong is playing underneath the clock itself.
Additionally, Mark made certain that this was a genuine screensaver. There are absolutely no static pixels. To avoid burn-in, even the Pong net moves a little. The Pong Clock doesn't have fancy features, but we think it's quite amazing anyway.

How Do I Set A Screensaver On Windows 10/11

How to Set Screensaver in Windows 11

You must first choose the Lively Wallpaper version to install. Most people should simply download the Lively app from the Microsoft Store, but you can also get it through the developer's website.
Although the differences between the two versions are minimal, certain website wallpapers may not function correctly without a plugin that can only be used with a direct download.
Double-click the Lively Wallpaper icon in the system tray once the software has been installed. Twelve live wallpapers are already included with the app, and selecting any of them makes it your active background.
Additionally, you may try right-clicking a wallpaper and searching for the Customize menu item. Through this menu, you may modify the color, illumination, and other aspects of select wallpapers, such as the pre-installed "Triangles & Light," and some of them even react to the system's music.
Lively allows you to create distinct backgrounds for each display if you have several monitors. To prevent any unwanted wallpaper stretching, click the Active Wallpapers option at the top and then make sure Selected Screen Only is highlighted.
You need to mark it as well. When picking wallpaper, always choose the screen option since doing so displays a monitor choice.

Turn Websites Into Wallpapers

Although looping movies and dynamic wallpapers are cool, Lively's real power lies in its ability to make webpages into desktop backdrops. As a result, the app becomes an infinite supply of entertainment or work rather than just a source of lovely landscapes.
Simply click the Add Wallpaper icon at the top, put your website address into the URL box, and then click the arrow button to add a website to Lively.
Any website that offers real-time updates to its content or images might create a fantastic Lively Wallpaper backdrop. Here are a few concepts:
For automatically updated picture backdrops and informative widgets, use Tabliss' online version.
  • On your desktop, place a large analog clock.
  • Obtain a live weather map at
  • View screenshots of Minecraft that reflect the current weather.
  • Use the basic online whiteboard in Miro as a blank canvas for doodles and Post-it notes.
  • With Drive and Listen, travel the globe.
  • Set some looping YouTube graphics as your background music.
  • Interact with these perplexed animated creatures.
  • For stress alleviation, break through barriers or bust some bubbles.
  • Enjoy some Doughnuts and Kittens for yourself.
Backgrounds on websites react by default to mouse input but not keyboard commands. Navigate to Settings > Wallpaper to turn on the keyboard or turn off mouse input. Keep in mind that disabling the keyboard will make your desktop icons disappear.
You may also want to turn off audio on the website you've chosen. Look under Settings > General for the audio slider.

Screensavers in 2023

Should You Use A Screensaver?

In the age of modern computing, the question of whether to use a screensaver on your computer has become a topic of debate. Screensavers were originally developed to prevent image burn-in on older CRT monitors, but with the widespread use of LCD and LED screens, their practical utility has diminished.
However, screensavers still hold some potential benefits and can serve various purposes depending on your specific needs and preferences. Let's delve into the reasons why you might consider using a screensaver and when it might be unnecessary.

Preserving Screen Longevity

While modern monitors are less susceptible to burn-in than their CRT predecessors, there are scenarios where a screensaver can still be useful in preserving screen longevity. For instance, if you have an older display or use certain applications that keep static elements on the screen for extended periods, a screensaver can act as an insurance policy against image retention.
In such cases, using a screensaver that regularly changes the displayed content can help to distribute wear more evenly across the screen.

Security And Privacy

Screensavers have also been utilized as a security measure to protect sensitive information from prying eyes. In work environments, enabling a password-protected screensaver can be an added layer of security.
When your computer is idle for a set period, the screensaver will activate, and to regain access, you'll need to enter your password. This feature prevents unauthorized access and helps safeguard your data, especially in shared spaces.

Aesthetics And Personalization

Beyond practicality, screensavers offer a delightful way to customize your computer's appearance and express your creativity. With a vast array of screensavers available, ranging from serene landscapes to dynamic visual effects, you can infuse your desktop with a touch of personality. By setting a screensaver that resonates with your interests, hobbies, or artistic taste, you can transform your idle screen time into moments of inspiration and beauty.

Relaxation And Stress Relief

Screensavers that showcase serene natural scenes, soothing animations, or mesmerizing visuals can serve as a means of relaxation and stress relief. Taking short breaks during intense work sessions to watch a calming screensaver can help refresh your mind, reduce eye strain, and contribute to a more enjoyable computing experience. Some screensavers, such as virtual aquariums or Zen gardens, are specifically designed to create a tranquil ambiance that aids relaxation.

12 Awesome Screensavers for Windows 10

Energy Conservation

On laptops and other portable devices, using a screensaver can impact battery life and energy consumption. Instead of leaving the display active at full brightness during idle periods, an energy-efficient screensaver can reduce power usage and extend battery runtime. However, on desktop computers with modern energy-saving features, the impact on electricity consumption is less significant, making this consideration less critical.

People Also Ask

Where Can I Find A Variety Of Free Screensavers For Windows?

There are numerous websites that offer free screensavers for Windows, such as Softonic, CNET, and DeviantArt.

Do Screensavers Affect The Performance Of My Windows Computer?

Generally, modern screensavers have minimal impact on performance as they are designed to be lightweight.

Can I Create My Own Custom Screensaver For Windows?

Yes, Windows allows users to create personalized screensavers using their images or videos through built-in options or third-party software.

Are There Screensavers Specifically Designed For Multiple Monitor Setups?

Yes, some screensavers are optimized for multi-monitor configurations, providing seamless visuals across all displays.

Do Screensavers Consume More Power Than Letting The Screen Turn Off?

Screensavers typically use very little power compared to the active display. However, setting the monitor to sleep mode is the most energy-efficient option for extended periods of inactivity.


The decision of whether to use free screensavers for Windows on your computer ultimately depends on your individual preferences, needs, and hardware. While screensavers might not be as vital for modern displays, they can still serve practical purposes like preserving screen longevity and enhancing security.
Additionally, screensavers offer an opportunity to infuse aesthetics, entertainment, and relaxation into your digital experience. Whether you choose to showcase stunning visuals, engage with interactive content, or maintain a minimalist setup, the choice is yours to make. Take advantage of the versatility of screensavers and tailor your computing environment to reflect your unique style and personality.
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