How To Fix Exodus Not Working On Kodi

    Visualize that you plan to relax, so you got yourself a chilled wine and decided to wine your boredom away by watching favorite series on Kodi, and Woah!!! Exodus isn’t responding. Yeah I know the feeling, then you started doing everything you could to make it work but still all not working. In this article, we will be explaining how to fix exodus not working on Kodi.

    Feeling like to give up already? 

    Wait, Whether you’re getting an error like “No stream available” or “Exodus Error Message“, your show is constantly buffering, or you just can’t access new movies, this post should help you unravel the problem.

    Try these tips.

    Update Exodus

    Exodus Not Working On Kodi

    Your first port of call when Exodus is not working should always be to update it, which will require you to uninstall Exodus and reinstall the latest version of it.

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    Fix Exodus Not Working On Kodi: Clear Exodus Cache & Providers

    Exodus Not Working On Kodi

    • Click Add-ons > My add-ons > Video add-ons > Exodus
    • Click Tools

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    • Click Clear Providers, and click Yes to confirm
    • Click Clear Cache, and click Yes to confirm
    • Restart to see if the problem is resolved. 

    Fix Exodus Not Working On Kodi: Use A VPN

    You should install a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This purpose of this is to mask the video, so your ISP won’t recognize it as a Kodi video and, as a result, won’t block it

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    Adjust Kodi’s Video Cache Settings & Clear Temp Files

    Exodus Not Working On Kodi

    This is because of the excess files kodi saved when you load a movie on it, the files needs to be cleared because it may also hinder the connection.


    • Install the Ares Wizard Kodi add-on
    • Configure the correct cache settings
    • Clear all cache and temp files

    Change Your Stream Time

    Occasionally there is no stream available due to the short time for streaming on Exodus to search. Review the settings in your Exodus to set up a suitable time:

    • Click Add-ons > My add-ons > Video add-ons > Exodus
    • Click Tools in the menu on the left
    • Click General

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    • In the General tab, change the Providers Timeout to 20-35 seconds, then click OK
    • Try streaming again to see if the problem is solved

    Change Your Device’s Time & Date Settings

    If you’re seeing only old movies and TV shows in Exodus on Kodi (e.g. movies from the 1970s), your device’s time and date settings may be incorrect. For example, the time and date on your TV may be incorrect. So you should go the your device’s settings, find the time and date settings, and ensure set them to the present. Then open your Kodi to see if you can now see new shows.

    Install Exodus From A Different App Website 

    Exodus Not Working On Kodi

    Report says, The original developer of Exodus has announced that he is no longer updating or supporting Exodus. So it’s possible that the problems you’re experiencing with it are simply due to the fact that it has a bug that hasn’t been fixed (and won’t be).

    Fortunately, some other developers have created different versions of it, and these versions are still being updated. Refer to our article to learn more about installing Exodus on Kodi from different websites 

    (Image Credit: Drivereasy)

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