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How to Fix AirPlay Not Working On LG TV

In this article, we will be talking about how to fix AirPlay not working on LG. Click to read the full guide.

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LG TVs is one of the most popularly known television producers. It provides an incredible image and quality sound. In this article, we will discuss how to fix AirPlay not working on LG.
AirPlay is an Apple technology designed to cast media to your TV screen or other devices. However, despite the connectivity issue with some TVs, there are still so many modern Televisions compatible with Apple’s AirPlay technology.

How to Fix AirPlay Not Working On LG

Here are different some troubleshooting tips to fix your AirPlay not working on LG:

1. Connect Both Devices to the Same Wi-Fi Network

The first thing to check is your device’s connection to ensure you do not encounter network error, check if both devices are connected to the same wifi network, and make sure your LG TV’s network setting is intact and receiving data.

2. Reset your Smartphone Network Settings

The cause of your AirPlay problem maybe your smartphone network settings. We strongly suggest resetting your network settings to delete all saved networks and refresh the device settings to default.

3. Disconnect The TV From Power Outlet And Wait 20 Seconds

This is one of the simple solutions that can get rid of the problem in just 20 seconds. However, remember your remote control is designed to put your TV into sleep mode, and the AirPlay configuration settings on the TV can get a little messed up and prevent AirPlay from working correctly.
Anyways, we can take a quick solution to that by unplugging the Television from the power outlet and waiting for about 20 seconds or a little more before you power it back ON.

4. Factory Reset Your TV’s Firmware

Resetting your TV’s firmware varies due to your TV model, but resetting is relatively straightforward. First, however, make your way into your TV’s settings menu, scroll down to General, and use the reset option to reset your device to default.
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