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How To Easily Open .KEY File On Windows

In this tutorial, we explain what .KEY file is and how to open it on Windows Convert Key File To PPT.

In this tutorial, we explain what a .KEY file is and how to open it on Windows Convert Key File To PPT.

Many users have been looking for a way to open . You’re one of them if you’re here reading this KEY file. However, you’re reading the right guide—a great and easy way of opening .KEY file presentations use good old Microsoft PowerPoint or the free LibreOffice Impress app.

Unfortunately, not all the programs will use all the features of the original KEY presentation. For example, you may lose the formatting, and if you had any transition effects, they might also be lost. However, any of these programs, including PowerPoint and Impress, will allow you to open, start the presentation, or even save the KEY files.

The KEY files can be saved, but you won’t be able to do that in the original format. Instead, Microsoft PowerPoint will save the file as a PPT or PPTX format, while LibreOffice Impress will also offer the ODP and ODPX formats. After editing the KEY presentation, save the file by selecting the ‘Save’ option in both apps and choose the format you want to use with the presentation.

Note: This tool can also convert files before sending any presentations to anyone who doesn’t have a Mac. However, you’ll learn What Is A .Key File? and how to open a .Key File On Windows? as mentioned earlier.

FAQs About .Key File Format

What is a .Key file format?

Key files are files that are created by using keynote presentation software from Apple.

Can I open it .Key files on PowerPoint?

Yes, you can open Key files in PowerPoint by exporting them from Apple devices to PowerPoint.

Can I open the .Key files in Linux

Yes, you can export the keynote file online from iCloud to open it in Linux.

How to convert the Keynote file to PDF

You can use CloudConvert or Zamzar to convert Key files to PDF or any other format you want

What Is A .Key File?

A Key file is used for storing Apple Numbers office application files, and as we know, Apple Numbers is the free app in Apple that creates and edits spreadsheets. It’s a compressed archive containing various Apple Number Spreadsheet files.

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How To Open A .Key File On Windows?

Key presentations in Windows can be open in different ways, and you can also save and play them in the formats that Microsoft computers support better. The following methods are used to open .KEY files:

Method 1: Open .KEY file via Microsoft PowerPoint

Powerpoint is a very powerful and widely used tool for opening presentation files, and it also comes in handy for opening any .key file.

How to use Microsoft Powerpoint to open .Key file:

  • Open the program.
  • Click on the icon to open the File.
  • Navigate to the Key file you want to open.
  • Click on it to select and open it.
  • Now go to Save As and select the format you want to save it in.

Method 2: Open .KEY file via iCloud

iCloud is known as a computing and storage service from Apple. However, the best and easiest option to open a .key file is through iCloud. So, here’s how to use iCloud to open .KEY file:

  • Open the app and click on the upload icon.
  • Select the Key file you want to open.
  • Choose the file and upload it.
  • Click on the wrench icon.
  • Choose ‘download a copy.
  • Select the format you want to save the file in.

Note: Once you’ve done uploading the Key file on the keynote, you can also play and edit it.

Method 3: Open .KEY via File Viewer Lite

A few universal file opener programs open loads of format types. For example, File Viewer Lite can open more than 150 format types, including Keynote’s KEY files!

You can check and download File Viewer Lite online via Google search. Next, press the Download Now button to save the software‘s setup wizard and open its installer.

You can drag and drop with File Viewer Lite. This helps in grabbing Keynote files from File Explorer (or the desktop) onto the software‘s window to open them in FVL.

Method 4: Open .KEY via LibreOffice

This is known as an open-source and free office suite, where you can open various file formats with this application and the .key file.

How to use LibreOffice to open .Key file:

  • Launch LibreOffice.
  • Click on File.
  • Select Open.
  • Open Key with LibreOffice.
  • Go to the .key file you want to open.
  • Please select the file and open it.

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Converting Key File To PPT

Converting Key file to PPT

On Mac

  • Select File
  • Click on Export To
  • Select PowerPoint.
  • Click Ok

iOS Devices

  • Go to KeyNote
  • Long press on the presentation
  • Select Share
  • Go to the Menu
  • Select Export
  • Click on PowerPoint

On iCloud

  • Go to the Key file.
  • Click on the wrench icon
  • Click on Download a Copy
  • Select PowerPoint.

Using iPad

  • Open keynote
  • Go to the file you want to export
  • On the top right corner, click on three dots.
  • Select Export
  • Choose PowerPoint
  • Select the mode of sending the file.
  • Click on Finish

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