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How to do an Email Address Lookup for Free

Ever wondered if you could find out about people’s identities? This walkthrough explains how to do an Email address lookup for free.

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Ever wondered if you could find out about people’s identities to confirm if it’s real or fake? Well, this is very possible. All you need is their email address. This walkthrough explains how to do an Email address lookup for free.
There is an application program called Reverse email lookup. This program enables you to uncover the identity and facts about a particular person. You might be wondering if you would ever need such an application but the truth is that more people need this application than they would admit.
For instance, if you wish to hire someone for a paid job, you would need to scrutinize the person’s background information.
Moreover, if someone is questioned about his personal information through any email address, they should avoid giving their details to any unknown. The best approach is to run an email lookup on them before trusting them with your personal information.
Here in this article today, we will explain an email lookup free that enables people to check information of people with the help of their email addresses.

What Is Reverse Email Lookup?

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A reverse email lookup service is a service that helps people discover the identity and background of people via their email addresses. The application would ask you to enter the email address of that person and then show you matching results.
The application would find out their alternative phone numbers and social mediaaccounts that would lead to the real identity of that person.
Additionally, it helps you learn about any person who could be harassing you over emails or any company that demands your details. Moreover, before trusting someone with your documents or personal information, it is necessary to run an email lookup on them.
These applications are very useful due to their links with databases and public search engines. These directories result in the detection of the real identities of different email senders linked with their background information. With the aid of these applications, you can protect yourself and not fall for any mischievous scenario.
Below are the top 4 reverse email lookup websites available currently:
  • CocoFinder – Identifies the Email Sender within Seconds
  • TruthFinder – Reveal the Details of the Email Spammer
  • Intelius – Connecting People through Email using a Huge Database
  • Instant Checkmate – Accurate Email In-depth Report in Minimal Rates

Running a Free Reverse Email Lookup

Here, we will talk about the features that CocoFinder offers along with the benefits one can have when using this reverse lookup service.

CocoFinder – The Best Email Lookup Service

CocoFinder is an application that aims to provide detailed information by just gathering little facts about the target like his phone number, name, email address, and location. The acquired information also includes criminal records, identity details, location, educational history, employment details, and other basic information.
Moreover, the application is linked with national and international databases and public search records which is the reason it depicts correct information in no time.

Features of CocoFinder

CocoFinder gives information about the target by their email address. But if you have their name, phone number, and home address, you can find other important details about the target as well.
Complete Identity: It helps to reconnect with old friends and relatives by searching the target person through their name, phone number, or email address. The application gives access to the full name of the target person, their phone number, and their residence.
Reveals Background History: History like, felonies, proceedings, assault cases, and charges are all revealed. Also, conviction and employment history are included along with educational prowess.
Provides Social Media Accounts: All publicly available details from their social media accounts are revealed.

How To Use CocoFinder?

Here, we will explain the process of how to achieve sincere and relevant information with the help of CocoFinder, a free email lookup tool.
  • First, navigate to CocoFinder’s website and click on the tab on the search bar.
  • Next, enter the correct and valid email address of your targeted person to run the service on them. Take note of spellings.
  • Now, click on the “Start Search” button, and CocoFinder will take a few minutes to present the results to you.
  • Finally, the application will access and display those profiles that match your given information. Click on the required profile, and information would be displayed to you.

What Makes It The Best Application?

In addition to the benefits CocoFinder gives, there are other additional aspects of the application that makes it the best competitor.


The application is transparent with its policies and assures that no user uses the information outside of the application. This means that no one can use the obtained data to bring someone down and affect them socially. You are not allowed to even use the criminal history of the target person to dismiss them from their institute or workplace.

Various Approaches to Find Information

Perhaps you can’t access the email address of your target, then the application provides other approaches to find information. You can use your target’s name, phone number, or address of their current residence. With this minimum information, the application can provide you with their real identity and criminal information.

User-friendly Service

The software has a user-friendly service, no complicated procedures, and the user can easily find what they are looking for. Furthermore, if the user encounters any problem while searching or finding data, the application has readily available customer support. You can find assistance at any time of the hour.

Data Authenticity

Different lookup services are known for providing fake information about the legal background of the user. This usually creates confusion among the people. CocoFinder is known for providing accurate and authentic legal data through reliable sources.
Email Address Lookup For Free
There can be various cases and times when you genuinely need an email reverse lookup service. Here, we will discuss why we need a reverse lookup in our lives to avoid certain circumstances.

Verifying the Identity of Online Seller/Buyer

First, E-commerce fraud is rampant nowadays. Before making any payment online, you must remove all doubts related to your purchase and about the site you are purchasing from. The reverse email lookup service will help you identify if they are a scam or original sellers. Moreover, being a seller, you might have doubts about your buyer which can be cleared by this service.

Finding an Old Friend or Relative

Occasionally, our minds stray to our long-lost best friend or a stranger that you hit things off with. In any case, with this program, you can find them and reignite old flames. Just enter their old email address into the search bar and voila! Location and details are at your fingertips.

Confirm the Identity of an Online Friend

Trusting someone you have just met online is not so easy. With CocoFinder, you can add their name or phone number in the search bar and find the authenticity. You can watch their marriage, divorce, and children records.

Marketing Purposes

For marketers and sales teams, it is beneficial to check the validity of a given email address before making a decision. There are the chances that your team members turn out to be frauds. You must know that the people you are marketing with are real or scammers.

Background Checks

This is majorly for employers that hire clients for any business contract and need more information about the people they hire. They can find people’s correct educational information and employment history. This information can help employers to know more about their clients and their authenticity.

Bottom Line

We hope this article has helped you to understand reverse email search software. As long as you have the person’s email address, you can get the person’s details. There is full transparency, so all you can do with the information is limited
The identity of the user remains uncompromised, and no information about the target person is revealed or saved on the online servers. This software is very useful and we hope that you find it so too.
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