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Here Are the Top 11 Best Borderlands 2 Mods In 2022

This article highlights the best eleven Borderlands 2 mods in 2022. Click the link to read the full guide.

Daniel Barrett
Jun 29, 202224637 Shares547481 Views
Most players generally agree that Borderlands 2 did what any video game sequel should do. It took what made the original game good and improved upon it, while also adding some things that the original was lacking. This article highlights the best eleven Borderlands 2 mods in 2022.

Here Are The Top 10 Best Of Borderlands 2 Mods

Borderlands 2 Exodus

If you’re looking for a more drastic change, there’s no better way to completely revamp this game than with a complete overhaul.
Borderlands 2 Exodus is by far one of the biggest mods you can get, adding over 130 completely new pieces of gear, new gameplay mechanics, and even mini bosses.
What will really make the game feel different is how much is rebalanced.
Characters, weapons, skills, and even accessories will have modified damage and bonus values – so you’re going to have to relearn most of what you know from your vanilla playthrough.

Unofficial Community Patch

Borderlands 2 isn’t what you’d call unpolished, but like any open-world game, there’s those bits and pieces that don’t work as well as they should. The Unofficial Community Patch fixes a great variety of known bugs and irons out several issues related to balance and gameplay.
It’s really the first Mod you ought to install, especially if you want to get peak Borderlands 2 experience from the beginning.
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Immersive Melee Attacks

There aren’t many things more satisfying in an FPS than brutally killing enemies with melee attacks. It’s much more challenging. But pulling it off often makes you feel like you’ve gotten much better at the game.
This Immersive Melee Attacks mod makes melee-focused builds even more rewarding, tweaking the game’s melee attack values to make them much more feasible. The mod covers melee attacks for Maya and Zer0 as well as Krieg and Gaige from the DLC.

Borderlands 2 Tweaker

Any modern game will offer the players an options menu. However, these options menus – especially the older ones – can be somewhat limited and don’t always allow you full access to the smaller details of the game that can potentially be tweaked.
In short, the Borderlands 2 Tweaker mod allows you to easily access the game’s .ini files, letting you tweak a variety of details that aren’t easily accessible otherwise.
Among other things, you can alter the smoothness of in-game shadows, turn off “God Rays” emanating from the game’s skyline, and tweak how long it takes for corpses to disappear.

Passive Life Tap

It appears as though Maya is quite popular among Borderlands 2 fans, as this next mod focuses on improving her skills as well.
Though the Passive Life Tap mod might not be as big a change as the previous, it definitely does make Maya much more powerful than she is in vanilla. This mod makes Life Tap a passive skill instead of a kill skill, giving her a permanent life steal bonus.
To balance things out, the life steal percentage has been lowered to 0.6% from the original 6%.

Difficulty Mod

Borderlands 2 certainly isn’t what one would call an easy game. However, once you’ve played your way through it enough times and gotten used to its mechanics, the challenge can start to feel kind of tempered.
It’s for just such occasions that the Difficulty Modwas created. As every player knows, all the Borderlands games feature co-op modes. With this Mod, a single player can trick the game into thinking there are more players participating.
This, naturally, cranks up the game’s difficulty to accommodate these extra players. It’s an ideal way to give the game some fresh challenge for seasoned Borderlands players.


Other than weapons, character mods are another great way to keep things interesting in Borderlands 2.
While the sequel gives you a completely new cast of vault hunters to play as, some of us just can’t get over our attachment to the crew of the previous games.
Well modder 55tumbl has a solution for that – why not make the characters from the original game playable in Borderlands 2?
His first mod brings back our favorite soldier Roland.

Third Person Mod

This may seem a bit blasphemous at first, considering Borderlands has always been solidly established as an FPS series. However, the new perspective it gives on the game can make it feel like a whole new experience.
The Borderlands series has always had strong RPG elements, after all, and given how many RPGs are played from a third-person perspective, it can start to feel quite natural before long.
The playable characters in Borderlands 2 have some really nifty designs and tons of customization options aside. It’s nice to actually be able to see them in the game world, rather than just on the main menu.

The Campin’ Dutchpack

The Campin' Dutchpack Mod
The Campin' Dutchpack Mod
Aaron0000 apparently wasn’t done, as he even ported one of his popular Borderlands 1 weapon packs so you can enjoy them in the sequel as well.
The Campin’ Dutchpack offers “just about every flavor of destruction under the sun” as Aaron0000 puts it himself, giving you access to 54 new weapons, 13 shields, 1 new grenade type, and 2 new relics to play around with.

No Intro

One of Borderlands 2’s improvements over the original game was that it actually had a substantial story. However, a game with as many potential playstyles and character builds as this one has a lot of replayability.
And, well, having to sit through the same cutscene over and over gets pretty tiresome once you’re familiar with it.
As the name implies, the No Intro mod automatically skips the three very lengthy intro videos that the game opens up with. It’s great for players who crave a repeat of that Borderlands 2 experience but have the whole opening memorised by now.

Aaron’s Arms-porium

Aaron's Arms-porium Mod
Aaron's Arms-porium Mod
If you’re looking to change things up when it comes to the weapons themselves, you can’t go wrong with Aaron’s Arms-porium.
As a labor of love for the Borderlands 2 modding scene, Aaron0000 compiled all his weapon mods in one convenient package for everyone to enjoy.
There’s loads of new content in here including recreations from other Borderlands games, reskins, accessories, and even completely original weapons he made himself.
As if you’ve already discovered each and every weapon from the base game, this will surely add another crap ton of hours to throw into Borderlands 2.
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