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How to Check Data Usage on Wi-Fi Router

This article explains how to check data usage on a Wi-Fi router, using both the router's tracking systems or a third-party application.

Daniel Barrett
May 30, 20223280 Shares298160 Views
Check Data Usage on Wi-Fi Router– Do you want to check your data usage on your Wi-Fi router but don’t know how to do it? We’re here to help.
This article explains how to check data usage on a Wi-Fi router, using both the router’s tracking systems and a third-party application.

Method 1: Use Your Router’s Built-In Data Tracking to Check Data Usage on Wi-Fi Router

Most home routers have some form of built-in data tracking. You can access that via your router’s admin settings page.
Go to your router’s admin login screen and log in as an administrator. If you still use the router’s default login details, you can find the login credentials on the router sticker, its manual, or the manufacturer’s website.
It’s not advisable to use the router’s default login credentials, so make sure you change it. A default password makes it very easy for hackers and malware to attack your home or office network.
Now, go to your router’s status page or statistics page. Each router will be different, so consult your manufacturer’s website or router manual for detailed instructions on how to find it.

Method 1: Use Browser-Based Set-Up Utility Firmware to Check Data Usage on Wi-Fi Router

When Installing firmware in your computer or any gadget, you should ensure that it is suited for the router model you are using. For example, if it is a DD-WRT, ensure that your Pcis connected to establish a link between the router and firmware.
After installing the firmware, sign in to the set-up utility programming for your router. Now, head to the Advanced section within the firmware.
When you find the advanced section, click on the advanced set-up. After that, click on bandwidth meter, traffic meter, or network monitor, whichever is available in the firmware.
To check your data usage, click on statistics to get all the required data. You can generally refresh the page to update the statistics you are seeing.

How Can I Monitor My Home Wi-Fi Usage?

The easiest way to continue to monitor your Wi-Fi usage is to reboot your router, so the bytes received and sent also reset, giving you a firm baseline to start from. Then, when you begin checking again, you’ll know how much Wi-Fi data you’re using on a per-day and per-week basis.
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