How To Easily Cancel Xbox Game Pass

    Canceling ones Xbox Game Pass could be due to one or more of several reasons. Here is how to:

    Steps To Canceling Xbox Game Pass

    There is only one way to cancel Xbox Game Pass and that is to go through the Microsoft website. This can be done on a computer, phone or even the web browser on your Xbox One.

    Note: If you don’t see the option to manage or cancel your subscription, and you’re using a web browser on your phone or Xbox One, try a different browser or switch to a computer.

    Source: Windows Central
    • If prompted, enter your username and password, and click Sign in.
    • Locate Xbox Game Pass in the list of your services and subscriptions, and click Manage.
    • Click Cancel.
      • Tip: Select Change > Turn off recurring billing to prevent your subscription from automatically renewing each month.
    • Select an option, and click Next.
      • Tip: These options let you keep playing until your subscription expires, or cancel and receive a partial refund. If you choose to receive the partial refund, you’ll immediately lose access to all of your Xbox Game Pass games.
    • Click Confirm cancellation.
    • Your Xbox Game Pass subscription will be canceled.

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    How To Turn Off Xbox Game Pass Auto-Renewal

    The other way to cancel Xbox Game Pass is to turn off auto-renewal. This option is similar to the cancellation option that leaves Xbox Game Pass active until the end of your current subscription period.

    When you use this option, you’ll be able to continue playing your Game Pass games until your subscription expires.

    Go this route if you think you might be done with Game Pass before the end of your current subscription period; it prevents the subscription from renewing automatically.

    If you get to the end of your subscription period and you’re still playing games from the service, all you have to do is resubscribe.

    Here’s how to turn off auto-renewal for Xbox Game Pass:

    • Navigate to
    • Click Services & subscriptions.
    • Locate Xbox Game Pass in the list, and click Manage.
    • Click Change.
    • Click Turn off recurring billing.
    Source: Windows Central

    Tip: If you’re currently on a yearly plan, and you would prefer to be on a monthly plan, select Switch plan instead.

    • Click Confirm cancellation.

    Tip: If you want to continue playing your Xbox Game Pass games, you will need to manually resubscribe after your subscription runs out. This is useful if you think you might take a break from your Game Pass games and want to save some money.

    • When your subscription period runs out, Microsoft won’t charge you again, and you’ll lose access to your Xbox Game Pass games.

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    How To Save On Xbox Game Pass

    Is the monthly cost your reason for canceling your Xbox Game Pass?
    The Xbox Game Pass costs $10 per month while Xbox Game Pass Ultimate costs $15.

    Some storefronts offer a way to save on your subscription. These third-party outlets offer frequent discounts on redeemable codes for those purchasing direct whether yearly or monthly.

    The best Xbox Game Pass deals often provide small savings over the usual rates, ideal for those looking for opportunities to trim their monthly costs. The biggest savings usually apply to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Microsoft all-inclusive subscription, especially ideal for those looking for the best value from Game Pass sales.

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