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How to Charge a Chromebook Without a Charger

This article explains how to charge your Chromebook without its original AC charge cable

Did you lose your Chromebook’s original AC charge cable? Nobody wants to be caught with a Chromebook that’s got a dead battery.

If you have misplaced, forgotten, or damaged your Chromebook’s power cord or the charging port itself is damaged, there are many ways to power up your device.

This article explains how to charge your Chromebook without its original AC charge cable.

How to Charge a Chromebook without a Charger

Before we get started, it’s worth pointing out that using alternative charging methods won’t be healthy for your battery and charging port in the long run. The ideal permanent solution would be to buy an original charger.

With that being said, below are alternative methods you can use to charge your Chromebook without its original AC charge cable.

Method 1: Charge Your Chromebook Using USB Type-C Cable

One of the best things about Chromebooks is that most come with a USB Type-C port. So, if your Chromebook has a USB Type-C port, you may be able to power it using the port.

If your Chromebook has a built-in Type C port, you can get a Type-C cable with a plug adapter online.

To use a USB-C charger, follow the steps below:

  • Click Time in the lower right corner of your screen.
  • Navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Click Power.
  • Next to the Power source, click the USB-C port from which you would like to receive power.

If your power setting does not include this option, charging via USB Type-C will not be possible, and you will not be given the option to select the USB Type-C port.

Method 2: Power Up Your Chromebook With Your Car Charger

This is another convenient way to keep your laptop running. Some Chromebooks ship with an AC power cord and a DC power cord for the car. If your Chromebook shipped with an air/car charger, you can use that to power up your Chromebook.

You can plug this into your car’s charging ports and then directly into your laptop’s charging port.

Method 3: Use a Smartphone

Your smartphone has a much smaller battery capacity compared to your laptop, so don’t expect to fully charge your laptop using this method. If you were to use the Chromebook while connected, the battery would still drain.

If you have a phone that supports two-way power delivery, and if your Chromebook has a USB Type-C port, your phone can deliver power to your Chromebook. You would set it up the same way as method 1.

Bottom Line

It would be best to try to replace your charging cable as soon as possible. None of the alternative ways to charge your Chromebook are desirable, so you should try to get a replacement as soon as you can.

Whether you’re looking for an original Chromebook charger or a temporary replacement, you can always find a quick solution on Amazon.

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