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Your Apple Watch won’t Charge? Here’s the Fix!


Your Apple Watch won’t charge?– With regular use during the day, your Apple Watch’s battery should last 18 hours, and will fully recharge in just two hours. That long battery life and fast charge time mean you can count on your trusty digital sidekick all day and almost all night too, as long as you can get it to charge in the first place.

Your Apple Watch won’t charge and you’re not sure why. You’ve placed your Watch on its magnetic charging cable, but nothing’s happening. In this article, We’ll explain why your device is not charging and show you how to fix the problem for good!

How do You Know if Your Apple Watch is Charging

Like your iPhone, your Apple Watch displays a small lightning icon which indicates that it’s charging. Unlike your iPhone, the lightning icon on your Apple Watch disappears after about a second, so you probably wouldn’t notice it if you weren’t looking for it.

How do you know if your Apple Watch is charging
How do you know if your Apple Watch is charging

Fortunately, you can swipe up from the bottom of the watch face and tap on the battery percentage button to see if your Apple Watch is actually charging. You’ll know your Apple Watch is charging when you see the word “Charging” below the battery percentage.

How to Charge Your Apple Watch

How To Charge Your Apple Watch
How To Charge Your Apple Watch

If it’s your first time using an Apple Watch, the charging process can be a little tricky. There isn’t a charging port like the one you’ll find on your iPhone. Instead, you charge your Apple Watch by placing it on the concave side of the magnetic charging cable that it came with. The magnet built into the charging cable holds your Apple Watch in place while it charges.

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What to do if your Watch is not charging

Reposition the Apple Watch and check the connections.

  • Try picking up and then reconnecting your watch and charging dock.
  • Also, try laying the watch down flat instead of charging it at a 90-degree angle.
  • Then, check the charging dock cable and make sure it is properly inserted into the adapter and that the adapter is fully plugged into the outlet.

Clean Off Your Charger

If there was an issue with your Apple Watch magnetic charging cable, try wiping it and the back of your Apple Watch down with a microfiber cloth. There may be gunk, dirt, or other debris preventing your magnetic charging cable and Apple Watch from making a clean connection.

Make sure you also take a look at the USB end of your magnetic charging cable. Is there any gunk or debris stuck in the cable? If there is, use an anti-static brush or brand new toothbrush to gently wipe it out. Also, check for fraying or discoloration along the charging cable — both can be signs that it needs to be replaced.

Hard Reset Your Apple Watch

Hard Reset Your Apple Watch
Hard Reset Your Apple Watch
  • Hold down both the Digital Crown, the disc on the right side of the watch, and the side button of your Apple Watch for 10 seconds.
  • Once the Apple logo appears, you can release and the watch will restart.
  • Repeat step two if you need to.

Remove Your Apple Watch Protective Case


If you put a protective case on your Watch, I recommend taking it off when it’s plugged in. These cases can sometimes obstruct the connection between your Watch and its magnetic charging cable.

Try a Different Charger

There are many different ways to charge your Apple Watch. You can plug the magnetic charging cable into a USB port on your computer, a wall charger, or a car charger. Let’s say you normally charge your Watch using a USB port on your computer. This time, try charging your device using a wall charger.

If your Apple Watch charges when plugged into one power source, but not another, then the problem is probably being caused by the malfunctioning charger, not your device.

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Inspect the Magnetic Charging Cable

If using different chargers didn’t work, it’s time to try different charging cables. If you don’t have an extra Apple Watch charging cable, ask to borrow a friend’s, or purchase one on Amazon.

Avoid Cheap Charging Cables

Not all Apple Watch charging cables are made equal. The cheap, low-quality, knock-off cables you’ll find at your local gas station or dollar store typically aren’t MFi-certified, meaning the manufacturer of the cable is not part of Apple’s licensing program.

Cables that aren’t MFi-certified can be very problematic — they may heat up your Watch while it charges or may not even charge your device to begin with. When purchasing a new charging cable, always look for the MFi certification on the package.

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