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Apple IOS 17.2 Brings New Journal App And Spatial Video Capture Support

The latest features of Apple iOS 17.2 brings new journal app and spatial video capture support for a richer multimedia experience. Discover more features on the iOS 17.2 update.

Daniel Barrett
Dec 13, 20232568 Shares59711 Views
Apple has officially rolled out its iOS 17.2 update, now available for recent iPhonemodels. Apple IOS 17.2 brings new Journal app and spatial video capture supportalongside other features focused on healthand wellness, plus other significant enhancements.

Journal App

The much-anticipated Journal app, first announced at WWDC in June, is now a reality. Designed to encourage users to write about life events, it integrates seamlessly with the iPhone's data. "Its superpower is its ability to recognize 'Moments' based on your phone's data, including locations you’ve visited, photos you’ve taken, or workouts you’ve done," Apple explains. This feature then suggests writing prompts, aiding users in reflecting on their daily experiences.

Spatial Video Capture Support

Although some may find the interface basic, as noted in beta testing, its functionality is innovative. The app offers support for recording spatial videos, a feature introduced with the iPhone 15. These 3D videos, utilizing footage from the phone's main and ultrawide cameras, are compatible with the upcoming Vision Pro headset, set to release next year.

Expanding Features Beyond Journaling

iOS 17.2 isn't just about journaling. It includes the ability to set the iPhone 15 Pro’s Action Button to translate phrases and introduces new Weather widgets. The Messages app now features a catch-up button for easy navigation to unread messages. Additionally, Qi2 support is extended to iPhone 13 and 14, enhancing wireless charging capabilities.
"Other features available in the release candidate version of iOS 17.2 include new features for the Messages app, including a handy catch-up button to quickly jump to the first unread message in a conversation," Apple shared in its announcement.

Ecosystem Updates

Alongside iOS 17.2, Apple also updated its watchOS and tvOS. The watchOS 10.2 enables Series 9 or Ultra 2 owners to log Health app data using Siri, a feature possible due to the S9 chip's on-device Siri capability. tvOS 17.2 for Apple TV introduces a new sidebar for profile switching and a redesigned TV app.

Accessibility And Compatibility

The iOS 17.2 update is accessible to a wide range of iPhones, from the iPhone XS series to the latest iPhone 15 models, including second and third-generation iPhone SEs. "Rollouts of these updates can sometimes be staggered, so you may need to wait for a notification icon to appear on the Settings app to know that it’s available for your device," Apple advises.

Privacy And Personalization

With privacy at its core, the Journal app ensures encrypted data on the iPhone and through iCloud storage. Users can opt for additional security measures like passcode, Face ID, or Touch ID for app access.
"The 'Journal' app can also surface personalized suggestions for journaling ideas, either by 'on-device machine learning' or by third-party apps via its Journaling Suggestions API," said Apple Worldwide Product Marketing Vice President Bob Borchers. This feature tailors suggestions based on user activity, offering a unique journaling experience.

Broader Updates

Apple's recent unveilings, including the iPhone 15 series and updates to its iMacand MacBook Pros, demonstrate the company's commitment to innovation. The latest iOS update, with its focus on journaling and video capture, continues this trajectory, offering users new ways to interact with their devices and capture life's moments.
Apple's move into more personalized and health-focused features, as seen with the Journal app, aligns with the current trend of technology serving as a tool for personal wellness and reflection. The integration of advanced video capabilities also hints at future developments in Apple's ecosystem, especially with the anticipated release of the Vision Pro headset.
As users worldwide begin to explore the possibilities of iOS 17.2, it's clear that Apple continues to push the boundaries of what smartphonescan do, emphasizing not just functionality but also personal well-being and privacy.
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