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Apple Acknowledges IPhone 15 Overheating And Promises Fix

Apple acknowledges iPhone 15 overheating and promises fix to address overheating issues. This move comes in response to user feedback and concerns regarding the device's thermal performance.

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Apple acknowledges iPhone 15 overheating and promises fixto address overheating issues. This move comes in response to user feedback and concerns regarding the device's thermal performance.
Just a few days after the latest models were introduced, several individuals took to social mediato express their concern after seeing their new phone getting 'so hot occasionally,' and one person discovered they couldn't 'even hold it' if they used it case-less. The rise in temperature also has a negative influence on device performance.
One user shared, "Software update needed. This iPhone15 Pro Max is roasting after a 20 minute phone call!! Screen starting to flick due to the heat."
After this, Apple acknowledges iPhone 15 overheating and promises fix. The company recognizes the significance of the issue and the impact it may have on user experience. The acknowledgment demonstrates Apple's commitment to resolving concerns promptly and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.
In response to the overheating complaints, Apple has announced that a software update will be issued to tackle the problem directly. This approach suggests that the issue might be related to software optimizations rather than a fundamental hardwareflaw. By deploying a software fix, Apple aims to enhance the device's thermal management and ensure that it operates within acceptable temperature ranges.
Apple stated that the new iPhone models were overheating due to a combination of flaws in iOS 17, bugs in apps, and a brief set-up process.
An Apple spokesperson told CNBC:
We have identified a few conditions which can cause iPhone to run warmer than expected. The device may feel warmer during the first few days after setting up or restoring the device because of increased background activity.
We have also found a bug in iOS 17 that is impacting some users and will be addressed in a software update. Another issue involves some recent updates to third-party apps that are causing them to overload the system. We’re working with these app developers on fixes that are in the process of rolling out.
According to the business, the third-party apps triggering the problem include the game Asphalt 9, Meta's (META.O) Instagram, and Uber. On September 27, Instagram fixed the problem with its app.
To address the iPhone's temperature, the impending iOS 17 bug update will not affect performance.
According to the Cupertino, California-based corporation, the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max do not overheat due to the design, but rather the new titanium shells result in superior heat dissipation compared to previous stainless steel models.
Apple also stated that the problem poses no safety or harm risk and will have no long-term impact on the phone's performance.
But don't worry about your gadget being unsafe or overheating to the point that it stops working; Apple claims that all of its iOS devices have built-in safeguards that protect its internal components even if it overheats.
Apple's commitment to addressing overheating concerns indicates a broader commitment to the long-term reliability and performance of its devices. By identifying and resolving issues promptly, Apple aims to maintain the trust and satisfaction of its user base, ensuring that the iPhone 15 provides a reliable and comfortable user experience.


Apple acknowledges iPhone 15 overheating and promises a fix. This decision underscores the company's dedication to user satisfaction and the reliability of its products. The swift acknowledgment and proposed solution demonstrate Apple's commitment to resolving issues efficiently and maintaining a positive user experience. Users can expect the upcoming software update to address the reported overheating concerns and enhance the overall performance of the iPhone 15.
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