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3 Ways to Download Private Instagram Videos Without Third-Party Apps

This article provides three methods for you to download Instagram videos from private accounts without jailbreak

Are you looking for ways to download Instagram videos from private accounts?

If yes, you’re on the right website. This article will teach you three ways to download Instagram videos from private accounts without using a third-party app.

Many users keep asking themselves, “how can I download videos from a private account on Instagram?” Have you ever come across a situation where the prompt pops up: “This account is private. Follow to see their photos and videos”? You will have to follow the private account and get approved to get through this. Then, all you need is just a desktop web browser. You don’t even have to download any third-party app to download private Instagram videos.

Download Instagram Videos from Private Account

The article provides three methods to download Instagram videos from private accounts on a PC. They have two things in common: the source page is required, and only a web browser is enough.

Method 1: Save Private Instagram Videos Via Aloinstagram – Automatical Source Code

Aloinstagram Private Downloader helps users download private photos, videos, and stories. Instagram content from the private accounts is only visible to people you approve.

You will need the page source of the Instagram video to download Instagram videos of private accounts. So how do I get it? First, use Aloinstagram to automatically generate a page source when you paste the URL. Once the source page is ready, the content will immediately be identified and shown to you in images or videos.

The following are specific steps on quickly saving private Instagram videos on PC via Aloinstagram.

Step 1: Log in to your Instagram account using a browser. Copy the URL of a post from a private account.

Step 2: Paste your already copied URL in Aloinstagram as instructed. Then, it will automatically generate the page source. Please copy and paste it into a new tab of your browser.

Step 4: Click on the download button, and then the private video will appear. Next, save it on your PC.

Step 3: You will see a line of codes. Copy it to your clipboard and, go back to Aloinstagram, paste it into the last box.

If it doesn’t work, you can’t skip the first step and directly paste the source page on the third box if it doesn’t work. Instead, Aloinstagrem will tell you to fill out the first box.

Method 2: Use Instagram Private Video Downloader – Without Post Links

Instagram Private Video Downloader is Howtotechies convenient tool. It allows you to download private videos online quickly. Similarly, it requires the page source of the private video to extract video from servers. As a well-known video downloader, its fast savers quickly help you obtain videos in high-quality MP4 format. If you want the quality of the video, this method is more suitable. It works fine on PC, Android, and iPhones.

Additionally, it’s simpler, and the post link is not required. The web page of this tool is self-explanatory, including a box for entering the page source and a “Download” button. You can save your time by switching between Instagram and the Downloader without the post link.

Check the simple steps below:

Step 1: Log in to your Instagram account using a web browser.

Step 2: Click the three dots above the private video you prefer. Click on the “Go to post” button.

Step 3: Go to the post, right-click anywhere, and select the “View page source” option to view codes. Or you can use the shortcut “Ctrl+U” to see the page source.

Step 4: Copy and select all HTML code from the browser or use “Ctrl+A+C” as a shortcut. Back to Instagram Private Video Downloader, paste it into the box.

Step 5: Finally, click on the“Download” button, and the private video will appear. Press the “Download” button below the video, and you can enjoy the private video on your PC.

The page source won’t be generated, but it is not that difficult to get it. You can right-click on the post’s page, and the source code will appear directly in another tab.

Method 3: Download Private Instagram Videos for Free – No Ads

Private videos are also the source of your imagination which helps you get more followers on Instagram. You can also get some free likes on your account by sharing others’ videos. If you seek an online private video, you can go to the official website of insta-downloader and find Instagram Private Photo & Private Video Downloader. It is an online video downloader that allows you to download Instagram videos from private accounts. It’s free to use, and it doesn’t have annoying ads, especially for people who hate ads. You can download private videos on PC, iPhone, Android, and Mac OS. Like Aloinstagram, it can also generate a page source but not automatically.

Follow these steps to download any private Instagram video.

Step 1: Open Instagram using a web browser and go to an Instagram post from which you want to download videos.

Step 2: Copy the post’s link and paste it into the first box.

Step 3: Click on the “Get photo/video” button. A link to the post’s page source will be generated. Copy the link.

Step 4: Copy all the Instagram HTML code you’ve seen. Then, open the link in a new tab.

Step 5: Paste it in the last text box, and click on the “Download Photo/Video” button.

Step 6: Insta-Downloader will extract the private post from the HTML code. Then you can download the video.

How to Download Private Instagram Videos on PC

You need both the page source code and link to download private videos. Follow every step to successfully download private videos and photos from Instagram on your iPhone, Android, or Pc.

Bonus: How to Get More Followers If Your Account is Private.

If your account is private, people will need to follow you before seeing your post. As a result, you will lose lots of potential Instagram followers. However, there is a way to get more real followers even though the account is private.

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