Friday, July 1, 2022
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What S4S Means on Instagram

In this guide, you will learn what S4S means on Instagram and how it works.

This guide will learn what S4S means on Instagram and how it works.

The S4S acronym, which usually appears on your Instagram, means “shoutout for shoutout.” It can also stand for “share for share” or “support for support.” Whatever it is you call it, the meaning behind it is the same. This means I post content about you; you post content about me.

How S4S Works on Instagram

If you follow popularly branded Instagram accounts (makeup, fashion, fitness, food, etc.), you may have noticed that some of them also include “S4S” in their bios, captions, and even in the comments of their posts.

An S4S involves two users who have agreed to give each other a shoutout on their profiles. This is done by posting a photo (or video) from the different accounts to feature them and then encouraging followers to follow them in the post description. If both users’ followers are highly engaged, it can be an effective technique to get exposure and gain new followers quickly.

Extra S4S Details Worth Knowing

Some users will only agree to S4S requests with a similar following. So, for example, a very popular account with 50,000+ followers might put “S4S 50k+” in their bio to let others know that they won’t even consider shouting out accounts with only a few thousand followers.

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