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10 Best Funny Photo Editing iPhone Apps

Check this 8 awesome photo editing app. It's 2020 now and what users need is seeing the images in 3D animated effect.

Funny Photo Editing iPhone App

Instagram filter photo selfie is for 2012. It’s 2020 now, and users need to see the images in 3D animated effects that can change as you move your face. Out with the boring pout-faced filtered selfie. In with the rainbow-from-your-open-mouth effect.

At first, Snapchat was one of the apps to popularize face filters, but now there’s a whole cottage industry specializing in turning your plain old face into anything you can imagine. Want to put on cat whiskers? Yeah. That’s just the beginning. This article will explain the ten best fun photo editing iPhone apps to turn your face into anything you want.

Top 10 Funny Photo Editor Apps for iPhone

Photo Lab Filters

Photo Lab Filters is one of the best filtering apps, and it’s full of fun styles. In addition, the app has more than effects. More than enough to capture all your moods and styles.

Photo Lab takes a slightly different approach from all the photo editing apps. Instead of starting with a camera view, it starts with a feed view. So you first pick an effect, then you take a picture. And when you’re viewing an effect, the app will automatically find and list the recent selfies that you can use with the effect. You can also click on a new picture.

You’ll find all the usual suspects here about the effects – art backgrounds, double exposure, emotion changer, props, stylized effects, drawing effects, and much more.

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Instameme will make your photos spicier with interesting memes, and you can also give a challenge to your grandma to see her new funny face.

Funny Photo Editing iPhone App

YouCam Fun

This app is fun and so similar to Snapchat’s UI lens interface. You can switch between a camera mode and a video mode. Just swipe, and you can switch between the filers as well. Move your head, open your mouth and stuff happens on the screen.

Have you ever wondered what you would look like if you were a 25-year-old French woman in the early 70s? Well, you can find out with YouCam Fun. YouCam Fun is all about fun filters.

In addition, YouCam Fun has an extensive collection of face filters. You can be anything you want in this app—everything from a cat (of course) to a Japanese lady, complete with a floral kimono. Your image can be saved to the camera roll or shared directly to your preferred social media account.


The Snapchat lens game is one of the strongest and offers you the best filter to beautify your photos. It’s better than most apps, even third-party apps like YouCam Fun.


InstaRage is full of different filtering faces for your photos and making funny photos with popular memes. It will help you to troll your friends with lots of annoying faces.


B612 is built with more than 1500 stickers and filters to make it fun for users and is one of the most exhaustive filter apps.

Additionally, there’s a feature to distort your face (basically to make your face slimmer or your eyes bigger) and an AR model. B612 is famous for its beauty filters feature, but there’s a lot more to the app. You find many awesome stickers and filters that all react to your expressions and surroundings.

From the classic heart filter to cat whiskers, it’s all in there. And you can always use the slider to tone your face quickly.

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Funny Photo Editing iPhone App


MSQRD came right on the heels of Prisma. The app was acquired by Facebook and hasn’t been updated in a long time. But you can still use it on the iPhone, and it still has some of the best video life filters. Hands down, it’s the best way to put up a joker mask on your face.

Camera Face Design

Add your face to this tool, and it will soon make lots of fun about it. So if you can bear that laughter, then go ahead with all the silly things on this app.

Facetune 2

Facetune 2 can whiten your teeth, widen your eyes, smooth out skin flaws, etc. The Magic Camera tools give you access to live filters as well.

It is the best selfie editing app on iPhone. It’s famous for its beauty feature, but you can do more with the app. Facetune 2 was made by the same developers who created the Enlight app. There is one tap tool for airbrushing your face.

Epica 2

It is well known as the second generation of cameras because it makes everything cool with new scenes, special effects, new poses, and many more.

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