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What is LCD Conditioning?

Daniel Barrett
Aug 15, 202242449 Shares673793 Views
Technology is growing so fast every day and we get to hear and read new terms. This makes us curious to know what those terms are and what it works for. In this article, you will understand LCD conditioning, what it does, how it works, and everything else you need to know.

What is LCD Conditioning?

LCD conditioning is a particular method for restoring the functionality of your monitor and removing any image persistence problems that may be something that you have yet to encounter during your experiences with LCD monitors.
Fundamentally, LCD conditioning works by cycling your monitor through a series of full-screen colors. Alternatively, LCD conditioning may work by displaying an all-white screen on your monitor or display for several hours.

How Does LCD Conditioning Work?

This works by just solving any minor problem your screen may have by cycling the screen with many different colors. To make use of it on your laptop or PCyou will have to enable it on the monitor via settings.
However, this will run a cycle on the screen of variant colors. After the cycle ends you still see the error is not solved you can run it again. Running it several times will give no harm to your screen or monitor.

How to Use LCD Conditioning?

Here are simple steps below that can be used for LCD conditioning to fix your LCD screen:
  • Open various images on the computer screen on full screen
  • Make sure the images you open are of high quality
  • If you see image persistence on the computer screen, you got to run LCD conditioning to fix it
  • You can access the LCD conditioning in Dell from the menu and run it to fix the error.
  • If you have any other computer like Lenovo or Apple, you can download it from the internet or go to a nearby service center to fix the issue.

What Does LCD Conditioning Do?

LCD conditioning does is solve all and any minor problems that may have occurred on your monitor or screen. LCD Dell conditioning is a feature that comes by default in all Dell computer or Laptop products. When you have this feature you need not install or have any other third-party screen problem-solving software to clear your errors.


This article covers what LCD conditioning is and it’s very useful if you want to fix your screen following easy steps. I hope you found this article helpful and got what you were looking for. Kindly leave a comment below if there are any possible questions related to this topic.
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