Friday, July 1, 2022
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How to safely unlock iPhone X XS XS Max in under 5 minutes

Follow this guide to unlock your iPhone X, XS and XS Max for free, and be able to use your device locally or internationally

How to unlock iPhone X XS XS Max?

Many mobile users are faced with the prospect of having to put up with poor service and ever-increasing prices from their carriers because they are locked to them. This means that when you buy your brand new iPhone, it is tied to a carrier before it even leaves the Apple factory.

If you’re one such user, this guide will solve the problem for you, so, read on and get busy on how to unlock iPhone X or iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max today!

If your iPhone X is locked to a provider inside the US, the UK, or Canada, then I strongly recommend IMEIDoctor. They have the most comprehensive range of unlocks inside these regions and accompany them with service, prices for how much to unlock iPhone, and turnaround times that are the best on the market.

If your iPhone X is locked to a provider outside the US, the UK, or Canada, then I suggest DirectUnlocks. They can cost a little more than IMEIDoctor, but they offer by far the biggest range of unlocks for the rest of the world. If that’s where you live then, I can’t recommend them highly enough when you want to know how to unlock iPhone XS.

How long does unlocking my device take?

iPhone Approved Unlock offers the fastest way to unlock your iPhone XS Max. We can usually unlock your iPhone XS Max instantly, most within 24 hours but sometimes it can take a little longer than this, we offer a live tracking service to check the progress of your iPhone XS Max unlock.

Do I have to send my device away to be unlocked?

No. Most iPhone XS Max unlock method is 100% remote! Everything you need to unlock your iPhone XS Max will be sent to you by email and the process is conducted ‘over the air’ using 3G/4G or Wi-Fi.

This means you can keep your iPhone XS Max with you throughout the unlock process and there will be no interruptions to your network service.

You can track the progress of your iPhone XS Max unlock live online or you can speak to our helpful customer support team 24/7 if you have any questions or concerns.

What if I am still under contract?

If your iPhone XS Max is under contract with a network provider, you can still unlock it using iPhone Approved Unlock. You must keep up on the payments of the existing contract unless you can break out of it. You can use an unlocked iPhone XS Max on any other carrier whilst still paying for a contract on the network the iPhone XS Max was originally locked to.

Is unlocking my device legal?

Yes, our safe and permanent IMEI unlocking service is 100% legal. Not only is it fully legal but your warranty will remain fully intact.

What do I need to unlock my iPhone XS Max?

All you need to unlock your iPhone XS Max is the iPhone’s IMEI number. Your iPhone XS Max IMEI number is a set of 15 identification digits that can identify your specific iPhone. Once we have your iPhone IMEI number, we can identify your device remotely and officially unlock your iPhone by IMEI.

How do I find my IMEI Number on my iPhone XS Max?

On the following iPhone models, you will find the IMEI number in the SIM tray.

iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus

You can easily check you IMEI by opening the phone dialer and dial *#06#, and your device IMEI number will be displayed on the screen.

The iPhone X IMEI unlock method changes what is recorded in Apple’s database by reassigning your device’s status from locked to unlocked. Because it is safe, reliable, and doesn’t invalidate your warranty, this is the method for how to unlock iPhone X carrier that I recommend above all others.

How To SIM Unlock Your device

If you want to take your iPhone X, XS, XS Max with you to another carrier or use a local SIM while traveling, you can use Movical’s SIM unlock services. They are reliable and fast.

  • Go to Movical’s website by clicking on this link
  • Select the country you are in and the carrier you bought the phone from and also the currency you wish to pay in.
  • Enter the gadget’s IMEI number, complete the checkout cycle with your installment and contact data.

When that is totally settled and done, you should then get the iPhone XR’s open code surprisingly fast in couple of days (depending on the package you’ve chosen), the second you’ve gotten your code, you would then be able to trade out the SIM on your phone with a SIM from another carrier.

When you put in the new SIM, you should be prompted to enter the SIM unlock code that you received in your email, and once you’ve done that, you should be good to go
Once you’ve entered the SIM unlock code, your iPhone XR should now be unlocked and you will not have any issues with swapping between carriers or using a local telcom when you’re overseas. This will be handy, especially in other countries where purchasing a local SIM card is much cheaper than paying for roaming.

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