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The 7 Best Bullet Journal Apps For Effortless Bullet Journaling

Are you interested in recreating the Bullet Journal experience in a digital format? Or are you interested in learning more about the features that the best bullet journal apps has to offer you? In any case, I'm going to demonstrate to you which products now available on the market are deserving of the title "Bullet Journal App" and which ones aren't.

Daniel Barrett
Sep 22, 20233686 Shares122872 Views
Are you interested in recreating the Bullet Journal experience in a digital format? Or are you interested in learning more about the features that the best bullet journal appshave to offer you? In any case, I'm going to demonstrate to you which products now available on the market are deserving of the title "Bullet Journal App" and which ones aren't.
First things first, the "Bullet Journal Companion" app is the only official app that has been developed and is being marketed by the original team of the Bullet Journal. It makes no attempt to replicate the success of the Bullet Journal in a digital format at all. Instead, it is a Companion to guide and assist you in using the analog Bullet Journal+ in the most effective manner possible, which is already hinted at by the product's name.

What Is Bullet Journal?

A Bullet Journal Apps Display
A Bullet Journal Apps Display
The Bullet Journal is a way of journal-keeping that serves multiple purposes to increase productivity. The diary can serve a variety of functions, including a calendar, a goal tracker, a project manager, an activity tracker, and even a to-do list.
The Bullet Journal, also known as BuJo or Bujo by some, was initially conceived of and designed by Ryder Carroll. It quickly rose to prominence as the instrument of choice for those who engage in creative endeavors.
On the other hand, it is up to you to determine what and how you will utilize it in the future.
You absolutely need to read this article if you're interested in learning more about the Bullet Journal approach. What exactly is a Bullet Journal, and how exactly can one make use of one?

The Benefits Of Bullet Journaling

A bullet notebook is a form of journaling that is comparable to normal prose journaling but follows a different format and has different objectives. It is quite well organized, with the primary emphasis being placed on tracking various things rather than writing down paragraphs of unstructured thoughts.
For instance, your bullet journal might feature areas for recording your daily feelings, the exercises you do, the meals you eat, your income, as well as your routines about work or study. Alongside tracking your habits, you can also keep a journal of your daily activities and experiences.
It is believed that one in every six people is currently engaged in the practice of journaling on a regular basis. Millions of people have realized the benefits that may be obtained from embracing journaling as a hobby. It has been known for a very long time that it is a very effective technique for enhancing mental and emotional wellness, and it has been demonstrated to provide a wide range of benefits for both physical and mental health. Some of these benefits include increasing mood, promoting problem-solving, and fostering personal development.
In particular, bullet journaling adds a boost in productivity to this already extensive list of advantages. It has the potential to assist you in developing healthy routines and maintaining awareness of both where you have been and where you want to go in the future, while also assisting you in being more organized.
Person Using Pen On Tab
Person Using Pen On Tab

7 Best Bullet Journal Apps For Effortless Bullet Journaling

However, there is a limited number of service providers who have put a significant amount of time and energy into the development of their features, as well as the usability and design of their products.
These programs take something as basic as a text box and transform it into a genuinely remarkable interface that encourages introspection, productivity, and (ultimately) the achievement of one's goals when used in conjunction with a Bullet Journaler.


ClickUp is an all-in-one task management tool that was designed to assist you in managing projects ranging from simple to complex and in establishing the most organized and personalized digital bullet journal possible.
Users are able to tailor their online bullet journals to their individual interests as well as the ways in which they choose to organize their work because the entire platform supports this level of personalization.
In addition to this, it has built-in capabilities that can assist you in maintaining organization and keeping tabs on your objectives. You may use the Goals feature in ClickUp to list and keep track of your targets.
You can also use the Docs feature to record all of your critical notes. The Calendar view can assist you in planning and managing your calendar. In addition, you can use checklists to add to your tasks, Docs, and notes.

Day One

DayOne is an excellent choice for an app to use as a digital bullet journal. Your daily entries can serve as the basis for a to-do list, making them an excellent addition to a daily spread. Day One's markdown capabilities make it easy to determine which of your chores are finished and which are still being worked on.
If you want to migrate your checklists, all you need to do is select the text, and then select the option that says "new entry with selection." This will save you the trouble of entering unneeded data. While there is a streaks feature and a calendar view available, the software does not offer many more analytical capabilities.
This app is described as "almost sacred" and "a completely private digital space" by the New York Times. Because there is such a wide variety of information that needs to be kept private, the application employs both biometric verification and end-to-end encryption for the benefit of users concerned about their privacy.

Grid Diary

Many versions of the Bullet Journal include writing prompts that encourage introspection as well as the development of new ideas. Even though they might not be as urgent as your daily activities or the appointment you have at three o'clock, they are an essential part of the Bullet Journal's functionality.
The entire premise of Grid Diary is built around the act of questioning oneself in order to generate fresh ideas. You can get started by using some automatically produced journaling prompts or by coming up with some personal questions to ask yourself.
These can be oriented toward daily goals, habits, reminders, or contemplative prompts if they are written in a Bullet Journal. Because there are six boxes on each page, this document is referred to as a "Grid Diary."


NotePlan is an excellent option for anyone who keeps a bullet journal and identifies as a religious person. This is not your average app for keeping a journal. It provides a vast array of tools and shortcuts to help you make the most of your time, allowing you to become more productive in the areas of task management and scheduling as a result.
The daily page is displayed when you first use the interface; however, the built-in calendar transforms your daily entries into a weekly spread almost instantly. You will be completely capable of speedy logging of all of your events, appointments, and duties if you take advantage of the fact that it is really easy to create a complex task list complete with nesting and color coding. Simply by pressing a button, any notes you jot down can be transformed into actionable tasks.

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Journal It!

Journal is exactly what you need if you place a premium on aesthetic appeal in the digital version of your bullet journal. They offer an excellent user interface that makes it simple to differentiate between the numerous jobs and projects you have.
Journal it! claims that their goal is to become your actual "life companion," which may explain why they have chosen to approach their entry possibilities in the manner that they have. Text notes, list notes (checklists), gratitude logs, activity logs, habit logs, and more can all be produced with this app.


Users are free to make their bullet diaries as complicated and extensive as they see fit for their needs. It sounds like you would be a good fit for Journey if you want an approach that is more straightforward and practical.
It has a straightforward and practical style that enables users to drag photographs without breaking the continuity of the image while simultaneously adding geotags and even weather information.
Because you are able to view all entries in the form of a list, the entry timeline is an excellent tool that enables you to think of your diary as a weekly spread. You also have the option of using the integrated calendar, which will provide you with a comprehensive summary of the full month.


Due to the fact that it is geared toward business, Trello may seem like a strange choice for a Digital Bullet Journal. Users who have requirements that are more practical and professional can think of the program in this way; however, you do not need a suit and briefcase to enjoy the benefits of using Trello as a bullet journal.
The program can be applied in both personal and professional capacities, despite the fact that its primary purpose is to provide solutions for collaborative work and leans more toward the work journal category.
The user interface is extremely sophisticated and expertly polished. According to statements made by the company's marketers, "lists and cards are the building blocks of organizing work on a Trello board." It's a bit like Russian dolls, in the sense that lists are transformed into cards, and cards are then transformed into boards.

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What To Look For In A Bullet Journal App

It's okay if you haven't heard about bullet journaling or the tools that go along with it just yet; you're not alone! Apps are wonderful tools for discovering new routines and ways of thinking since they provide highly organized ways to do so. The following are some characteristics that you should look for.
  • Personalizable - The finest applications for bullet journaling offer a variety of methods to customize the writing environment, including ways to make it more comfortable and conducive to productivity.
  • Attractive design- Easy to use, and inviting are all qualities that should characterize the design. It is expected that you will wish to use it.
  • Affordability - When it comes to apps, free is almost always better, but if you find one that you really like, it is natural to think that you will want to support the people who built it. Apps for bullet journaling, on the other hand, shouldn't require a steep monthly subscription fee.
  • Syncable- Just as with any other text-based or productivity program, you want to be sure that whatever you enter will still be there when you pick up your journal on a different device.
  • Cost - Every software should offer sufficient features and functionality free of charge and should not restrict access to any essential functionality behind a paywall for premium users. In a similar vein, any premium features should be well worth the upgrade investment. However, you should pay particular attention to whether the required payment is a one-time transaction or a recurring monthly or annual charge.

People Also Ask

Why Is Notion So Flexible For Use With Bullet Journals?

Provides a wide variety of pre-made templates, as well as opportunities for personalization, and functions as an all-in-one workspace with an intuitive user interface.
Adaptable, with powerful features, a comprehensive template library, and seamless integration of multimedia.

How Does Trello Help You Organize Your Bullet Journaling Chores And Projects More Efficiently?

Organizational tools consist of a board and card system, with labels, due dates, and checklists for each phase of the project.


The best bullet journal apps accommodate a wide variety of user preferences and requirements, giving users the ability to improve their personal levels of productivity and organization.
Digital bullet journaling throws you a plethora of opportunities, regardless of whether you go with a flexible all-in-one solution like Notion, a tried-and-true option like Evernote, or an app that allows for imaginative and expressive writing like GoodNotes.
These applications can help you achieve your goals in streamlining processes, cultivating mindfulness, adding a sense of competition to your journaling endeavors, or simply discovering a more adaptable outlet for creative expression.
Take the plunge and begin your journey into the world of digital bullet journaling using the application that caters most closely to your own preferences and requirements - and may you have much success in your journaling endeavors!
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