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What Is Samsung Health? Everything You Need To Know

In this guide, we will explain what Samsung Health is and everything you need to know. Samsung Health App is one of the numerous tools...

Daniel Barrett
Jun 05, 202212177 Shares380530 Views
Samsung HealthApp is one of the numerous tools Samsung offers. This tool is one that everyone must look into because it’s useful. In this guide, we will explain what Samsung Health is and everything you need to know.

What Is Samsung Health?

Samsung Health deals with fitness tracking. It works as your hub for all things health like workouts, water intake, weight, calorie intake/burn, steps, runs, heart rate, stress levels, caffeine intake, blood pressure, sleep, blood glucose, bike rides, hikes, and hooking up with your running app to have all the information you want in a single place. The feature is not just available for Samsung phones only; it can also be installed on most Androidphones from the play store.

Set Up And Complete Your Profile

Your user profile in Samsung Health is how you keep track of your activities within the app. It includes rewards for continued activity, personal bests during workouts, weekly summaries of your activity routine, and histories of any programs you take in, like daily steps, heart rate, stress, running, cycling, and hiking. You can also add your photo, nickname, and email for aesthetic purposes. But most importantly, add height, weight, gender, age, and activity level to make Samsung Health your own.
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It lets you take a long-form look at your progress, and you get small rewards for taking steps towards a healthier lifestyle.
Here are the features attached to the Health app:

The Experts Page

This is the most exciting feature of this app. The options help you connect with doctors for care, therapy, psychiatry, and more, all from your phone!
To sign up for this feature, you’ll enter your name, phone number, health insurance information, pharmacy, medical history, current medications, and other pertinent information that a physical medical provider may need to treat you.


Here, you’ll get to find fitness programs like new workout routines, weight loss tips, training exercises, and other related information to help along your fitness journey. You can also set your fitness interests and goals so the app can curate these programs better to align with your specific goals and interests.


This feature takes all the accessories compatible with Samsung Health and breaks them down into categories, making it easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for.
So, If you want a new wearable sensor, blood pressure monitor, glucose meter, heart rate sensor, or scale and want to make sure it’s compatible with Health, this is the menu for you.


Finally, there’s the Promotions page. This is where you can learn about new products and apps that are compatible with Samsung Health and find deals on other services.
Now that you’re familiar with the features of the app, here are the steps to take to ensure good health:
  • Set Achievable Goals:You have to set goals that aren’t too much for you to achieve and prepare to work towards them.
  • Workout With Friends:You sure need someone to compete against and cheer for can help you stay focused on your fitness goals. While Samsung Health is primarily concerned with your progress, the Together tab in the app is about community. There are monthly community challenges you can participate in by being active and the ability to find and add friends. There are also challenges for you and your friends so that you can work toward bigger and bigger goals.
  • Connect And Sync Data With Other Apps: There are a lot of apps dedicated to health and fitness. Samsung Health partners allow you to connect those apps and have the information from those apps sync with Samsung Health. In addition, you probably have at least one other health app installed, from specific apps tracking blood pressure or weight to calorie counters.

Which Phones Are Compatible With Samsung Health?

The Samsung Health app supports all Samsung smartphonesgoing back to the Galaxy S3 and non-Samsung Android phones. Android 4.4 KitKat or later and a minimum of 1.5 GB of storage are required for the app to function correctly. The app is also available for iPhones and requires iOS 9.0 or later.
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