RTX 2080 Super Vs RTX 2080 Ti: Everything You Need To Know

    When it comes to performance, the Ti is better though it is more expensive than the RTX 2080 Super.  In this article, we will compare the features on RTX 2080 Ti vs RTX 2080 Super.

    RTX 2080 Super card offers more value if gaming is your primary concern.

    In this article, we’ll be comparing these two cards and review all the major features to consider.

    The Hardware

    RTX 2080 Super Vs RTX 2080 Ti

    Both GPUs are part of the GeForce 20 lineup, based on Nvidia’s 12nm Turing microarchitecture.

    They both come with real-time ray tracing capabilities and use GDDR6 RAM.

    Though there are some notable differences to asses when it comes to hardware. 

    RTX 2080 Super is just of recent and newer than the 2080 Ti.

    The Ti was launched in September 2018 with RTX 2080, while the Super is the latest updated version of the original RTX 2080 and was released in July 2019.

    Though the new Super variant is more strong than the original RTX 2080, but the specs still can’t be compared with the Ti.

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    However the Super has higher clock speeds, but the Ti beats it in every other department.

    In-Game Performance

    The Ti unfailingly outperformed the RTX 2080 Super.

    It offers 12.7% more FPS in 1080p, 17.1% more in 1440p, and 19.2% more in 4K.

    The percentages vary slightly, but the   frame-rate depends on how demanding and how well-optimized the game is.

    The gap in performance becomes slightly wider at higher resolutions, reason why is because the Ti possesses an extra 3 GB of memory with higher bandwidth and a wider memory bus.

    Which helps better tr in 4k gaming. 

    Price and Value

    According to research online, The official MSRP for the RTX 2080 Super is $699.

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    While the RTX 2080 Ti starts at a whopping $1199 for the Founders Edition version of the card, and most other models with proper cooling are even more expensive. 

    If you were planning to buy the Ti in replace of the 2080 Super, you should be preparing to pay about $500 extra.

    The essence money is for a performance boost and it depends on the game and the resolution.

    Bottom Line

    When it comes to your preferences and budget, the Ti offers better performance at every level, though it’s expensive but it’s a good choice especially when you intend to use it for game only.

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