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Use Cases for Residential Proxies

The internet has developed tremendously since it went mainstream. Today we use a wide range of
tools for both personal and business needs. These services are beneficial, but their increased usage
has led to complexities regarding security and privacy.

Luckily, there’s an emerging number of solutions to help with these issues. Proxy services are
becoming increasingly popular for online protection, but apart from this, they enable a variety of
online actions companies can rely on to stay competitive.

Today, we will talk about residential proxies and how companies use them today.

Definition of residential proxies

Residential proxies are proxy servers that act as the connection between online users and the
internet. All of the requests a user makes are sent to the proxy server, and the proxy makes those
requests on behalf of the user.

However, instead of using your own IP to browse the web, the proxy assigns users a new residential
IP address. These IPs are real addresses that come from existing physical devices, and this is where
these proxies get their names from.

All IPs are real as they are provided through internet service providers. Since they are linked this
way, residential proxies give users several benefits they can take advantage of.

Benefits of proxy services

  • Access geo-blocked content

More and more websites are geo-blocking content. Residential proxy services provide a wide range
of IPs from different locations. Users can use these IPs to access blocked content all across the globe.

  • Less risk of being banned or flagged

Many websites will ban or flag IPs that repeatedly visit and perform actions while at the same time,
they also look for unauthentic IPs and flag them as spam users. Residential proxies are entirely
authentic and look like genuine users. On top of that, they can rotate IPs to prevent blocks.

  • Your IP can’t be traced

Various online services like to trace their users by tracking their IP. Since these proxies give you real
IPs that exist somewhere in the world, the only thing that can be traced is this address, and your real
IP remains completely anonymous.

  • Privacy and anonymity

The authentic nature of residential proxies and the ability to rotate between different addresses give
you complete privacy and anonymity when browsing the web.

Common use cases

The benefits provided by proxy services such as Oxylabs make them really popular. Here are the five
most common use cases of residential proxies:

  • Ad verification

Ad frauds are becoming more common in recent years. Companies need to check if their ads are
displayed in the right places, in the right way, and with proper context. However, fraudsters have a
lot of methods to detect when someone is checking their ads.

Residential proxies can cover a lot of different locations and offer authentic addresses making them
impossible to detect. On top of that, they offer great speed for checking multiple ads and their

  • Review monitoring

Review monitoring is an ongoing process of tracking brand mentions and reviews on multiple
websites. Companies do this so that they can answer questions, mitigate damage, and get valuable
insights by analyzing this data.

However, most review sites don’t want companies extracting their review data. They use geo-
blocking, IP blocks, and a variety of protective tools to prevent this. Residential proxies help you
bypass all of these protective measures and improve your company’s online reputation.

  • Bypassing geo-restrictions

As mentioned, geo-restrictions are becoming more common each day. No matter if you’re getting
blocked when watching your favorite TV shows or when scraping data online, residential proxies can
help you prevent this issue.

This type of proxy is probably the most effective in bypassing geo-blocks. Since the addresses are
assigned by internet service providers from those countries where you want to access content, it’s
impossible to block them.

  • Web data extraction

Companies often use rotating residential proxies for extracting data online. These services give a lot
of flexibility and versatility since they aren’t limited in terms of location. At the same time,
residential proxies have the ability to go unnoticed even when making a large number of requests on
different pages.

  • SEO monitoring

The availability of residential proxies makes them ideal for different types of SEO monitoring
campaigns. For example, if you’re looking to focus on a local SEO market, you can use local proxies
to check rankings in different locations worldwide to find room for your brand.
On the other hand, having a large number of IP addresses makes crawling faster with more reliable
results. It’s a great option for learning the best SEO practices for your business.


These are the five most common use cases of residential proxies. These proxy services can be a bit
more expensive, but they are the best in the business. Take the time to find a reliable provider
before you start.

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