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How to Fix Cydia Impactor Errors


While using Cydia Impactor, you may face runtime error, http-win.cpp158, cydia impactor error 173 or any of such errors. These errors cause a significant delay for a human to get work finished. It is a natural behavior to become frustrated when such errors are not getting fixed.

Cydia Impactor is now a different tool altogether, used for sideloading apps onto an iPhone or iPad. Using the .ipa file for an app, along with with with your Apple ID, Cydia Impactor signs and installs third-party app certificates onto your device but it seems that some users are encountering a Provision.cpp Error – usually error 150, 68 or 62. These are not too difficult to fix, and we’re going to look at each one, why it is caused, and how to fix it.

In this article, we have provided almost all kind of errors you may face while using Cydia Impactor. You will get the cause of particular cydia impactor error along with its solution. Just stick with the post, and get your error solved.

Cydia Impactor Errors and Solution

If you fail to solve encountered cydia impactor error while sideloading, you can try cydia impactor alternatives.

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Cydia Impactor runtime error

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.

Error: runtime error!

Solution: Install Visual C++ Redistribution latest version.

Fix Provision.cpp:150 Error

This error arises when the .ipa file is dragged and dropped into Cydia Impactor and you input your Apple ID. The error message will tell you something like “Provision.cpp:150 Please Sign in With an App-Specific Password” or it may say “Your Apple ID and Password was Entered Incorrectly”.

The following steps will walk you through fixing this error:

  • Open your web browser and go to (copy-paste in browser) http://appleid.apple.com/apple website
  • Input the Apple ID and password that you used with Cydia Impactor
  • Click Security > Edit
  • Click the option to Generate Password
  • Type a label in for the password and memorize it
  • Click Create
  • A new password is generated; copy it to Clipboard
  • Now, when you use Cydia Impactor to sideload an app, this is the password to use with your Apple ID.

installation.cpp:42 error, provision cpp 173

Error: cydia impactor installation.cpp:42

The system version is lower than the minimum OS version specified for_directory

File: installation.cpp;line:42;what: Failed to verify code signature of/private/var/installd/Library/Caches/com.apple.mobile.installd.staging/temp.Igza8P/extracred/Payload/spotify++.app:0xe8008016(The executable was signed with invalid entitlements.)

Solution 1: It may be caused by dragging IPA zip file directly to Cydia Impactor. Try to extract at the desktop and then drag it to the software.Try your luck with VPN for making an attempt with a different region.Utilize another tool for signing IPA file and sideload that signed IPA using Impactor. One of the community members used iOS App Signer to resign yalu.ipa and installed with the latest Impactor, it worked!

Solution 2: Majority of community members are facing the same issue while using Cydia Impactor. Trying out available different solutions are not leading users to walk away without cydia impactor 42 error. But it can be 100% resolved with the following method where impactor won’t be our handy tool.

  • Go to jailbreaks.fun from your Safari browser.
  • Type unc0ver -new beta in the search bar.
  • Click on Get and let it install the app.
  • Disable Reload System Daemons and enable Reinstall Cydia
  • Now perform jailbreak.

Fix Provision.cpp:68 or Provision.cpp:62 Errors:

These two are slightly easier to fix and tend to appear when the Apple Developer Program goes down for maintenance. When the .ipa file is signed by Cydia Impactor it needs to access the portal and if the developer portal is not up and running, it can’t. You can only stop this happening by using Cydia Impactor when the developer portal is running properly. This can be monitored by visiting developer.apple.com/system-status.

When you can see that the developer portal is up and running, you can go ahead and use Cydia Impactor to sideload your apps.

Fix Provision.cpp:71 or Provision.cpp:81

Errors: provision.cpp 81

This error message is warning you that there is a conflict between iOS development certificates used for sideloading IPA files. There is a way to resolve this, just follow these steps:

  • Open Cydia Impactor on your computer
  • Click the menu for XCode and then click on Revoke Certificatesrevoke-certificates-cydia impactor
  • You will be asked to provide the Apple ID/Password that the error arose on, type it in and Cydia Impactor will connect to Apple
  • All of the development certificates will be revoked – when it’s finished, install the relevant IPA file again

You should find that it works OK but, if it doesn’t, try these steps:

  • Check that you are using the latest version of Cydia Impactor; if not, update it
  • Set up a second Apple ID; this will generate a new signing profile and a new developer certificate
  • If you have 2FA (two-factor authentication) in your Apple ID, create an app-specific password to use with that ID
  • Rather than dragging the .ipa file into Cydia Impactor, click on Device menu in Cydia Impactor, click on Install Package and then click the IPA file that is to be sideloaded.

lockdown.cpp:57 error

Error: file: lockdown.cpp; line: 57; what:LOCKDOWN_E_INVALID_CONF

Solution: Kill the Cydia Impactor, turn off the WiFi on your iPhone and run the impactor again.

Tap on “Trust” on your iPhone while you connect your device to the computer.Simply download and install the latest iTunes and sign in using your Apple credentials.


Error:This happens when the IPA is not supported on your iOS version. The only way to resolve this is to upgrade to the latest iOS and then try again

Provision.cpp:80 Error and cpp:168

Error: cydia impactor error 80This is relating to the app certificate, and the error message will tell you that you already have a pending development certificate request. There are a few things you can try:

Method 1: Revoke Certificates

  • Open Cydia Impactor and click on XCode
  • Click Revoke certificates
  • Type in your Apple ID and password and press Enter
  • When you get the “Revoked Certificate” message on the screen, try installing the IPA file again

Method 2: New Apple ID

This might be down to your Apple ID so go to Apple.com and create a new, free one. Try again

Method 3: Manually Install the Package

For some, dragging and dropping the IPA file into Cydia Impactor will cause the problem. Install it manually instead:

  • Open Cydia Impactor and click Device
  • Click Install Package and find the IPAcydia impactor install package
  • Click it and download it that way

Provision.cpp:158 Error:

The error message will tell you that the “peer certificate cannot be authenticated” and is down to not following the IPA installation method correctly. After the file has been installed on your device, you need to trust the developer:

  • Open Settings > General
  • Tap Profiles and look in the profiles list for the developer or your Apple ID
  • Tap on it and then tap on Trusttrust iphone developer profile
  • Now the error shouldn’t arise


Error: This is most likely down to you using an out of date version of Cydia Impactor. Delete it from your device and download it again, making sure it is the newest version.


Error: cpp-160-error

This error appears when your internet connection isn’t working correctly. Make sure you have a firewall and a strong internet connection and, if you are using a VPN, turn it off – you can enable it again later.

provision.cpp:173 error

Error: provision.cpp; line: 173; what: Please sign in with an app-specific password

Solution: As the error depicts, you need enter an app-specific password while sideloading IPA files instead of your Apple ID password. Go to http://appleid.apple.com/, log in using your Apple ID credentials and generate an app-specific password. Use it when you drag IPA on cydia impactor.Alternatively, you can just create a new Apple ID and give it a shot. This should eliminate cydia impactor 173 error.

If it still appears, try disabling two-factor authentification and make an attempt using your existing Apple ID password.


Error: This error happens when Cydia Impactor doesn’t pick up your iOS device correctly.

  • Disconnect your device from your computer and remove the cable from the device
  • Reboot your iPhone or iPad
  • Delete iTunes from your computer and reinstall it to the latest version


The easiest way to fix this is to delete iTunes and reinstall it on your computer – you must have the most up to date version for Cydia Impactor to work properly.

http-win, cpp; line 182 orcydia impactor error 182

Error: file: http-win.cpp; line 182; what: Problem with ssl ca cert (path? access rights?)file:http-win, cpp; line 182; what;SSL connect errorgnutls_handshake() failed: Error in the pull function.

Solution: Menu > Impactor > Insecure SSL. (It will change your insecure ssl setting and error will be resolved.)Check if you have a double certificate. Turn it off and give it a go. It is worth a shot for cydia impactor 182 error.

Fix zip.cpp:311

Error: The IPA file is likely corrupted. Remove it completely and download it again from the official source only.

Fix zip.cpp:557

Error: This is down to the original IPA file not being archived correctly, or the download was interrupted. Try downloading again, making sure you have a strong internet connection – only use the official sources for the IPA files too.

Fix zip.cpp:597

Error: This isn’t too common an error but if you, do get it, reboot your device and your computer and try again. If it still doesn’t work, delete Cydia Impactor and redownload it, making sure you have the latest version.


Error: ipa.cpp:456

Solution: It is because of the lack of .app/info.plist. Find the file and replace it.

provision.cpp; line: 81 (Xcode 7.3)

Error: file: provision.cpp; line: 81; what: ios/listAllDevelopmentCerts = 3018Please update to Xcode 7.3 or later to continue developing with your Apple ID

Solution: This is causing a lot of trouble due to core changes from Apple. Well, the backend has to be changed to get rid of this and there has not been any permanent fix so far. But in the meantime, you can fulfill your requirements using available spoofers or provision.

Cydia Impactor Alternatives:

If none of the above solutions work for you, then try some of the best Cydia Impactor Alternatives to install IPA files on your device.

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