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12 Best Cheap Full Frame Cameras in 2022


Looking to cut the budget on a new camera? Well, you’re in good hands as we have compiled a list of the most affordable cameras. This list comprises the best value you can get on a low budget. This article highlights the 12 best cheap full-frame cameras you can buy in 2022.

Some of them might be old and cheap but it doesn’t mean they are lacking in specs.

What is a Full Frame Camera?


Firstly, it is worthy to note that Digital cameras come with different sensor sizes. The bigger the sensor, the better the image quality. For most amateurs and experts, the champion is a ‘full frame camera’. Full frame cameras have a sensor the same size as classic 35mm film, measuring 36 x 24mm. This is double the size of the APS-C sensors in most DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. This means that full-frame cameras can be typically twice the price – or even more.

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1. Canon EOS RP – Best Cheap Full Frame Camera

Best Cheap Full Frame Cameras
Best Cheap Full Frame Cameras

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The Canon EOS RP was the second camera in Canon’s new RF full-frame mirrorless system. It was designed to give you a low price of entry into this new family of cameras and its all-new lens mount. To make things easier for those upgrading, the EOS RP body is retailed with a converter. This allows you to use your existing Canon EOS D-SLR EF-mount lenses. The existing RF lenses are esoteric and expensive for those shopping on the budget, making this converter a godsend.

In terms of features, it is worth thinking of this as a mirrorless Canon EOS 6D Mark II. But it has an advantage of an electronic viewfinder and 4K video shooting. The body is very small, but not too badly overbalanced by larger lenses. Even though it lacks the heavyweight presence of more pro-orientated cameras, it’s light, nice to use and has up-to-date tech. It’s not the most advanced full-frame camera on the market by any means. But with its compact, easy-to-use body and vari-angle screen, it’s a brilliant buy at current prices.

2. Nikon Z5


The Nikon Z5 is brand new and makes it onto our list on price only. Although, whether you consider it a bargain or not will depend on which location you’re in. In the UK, for instance, there is no body only option. It’s sold only with a 24-50mm kit lens you will undoubtedly want to replace quite soon.

In the US, you can buy it as a kit and body only, and in body-only form, it’s meaningfully cheaper than the Nikon Z6. The 45fps burst shooting and cropped 4K video are a bit disappointing. But the Z5 handles nicely, and has a magnesium alloy body and weatherproofing. In addition, the twin SD UHS-II card slots are lovable too. What’s catchy, though, is the price drops we’re seeing right now. This is a chance to get a brand-new camera design at ‘old camera’ prices.

3. Canon EOS 6D Mark II

Best Cheap Full Frame Cameras
Best Cheap Full Frame Cameras

The Canon EOS 6D Mark II is a great all-round full-frame camera. It has everything from image quality to fast AF. However, it’s not the least priced full-frame camera on the list. With that in mind, a downside might be that this camera doesn’t feature 4K video. So, reader, think twice before buying one.

Nevertheless, for Canon lovers who want to upgrade to a full-frame, the 6D Mark II is a great choice. Even professional photographers won’t be disappointed by its capabilities.

4. Sony A7


Type: Mirrorless | Sensor: Full-frame | Megapixels: 24.3MP | Lens mount: Sony E | Screen: 3in tiltable, 921,600 dots | Viewfinder: Electronic | Max burst speed: 5fps | Max video resolution: 1080p | User level: Enthusiast

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The Sony A7 is the first of a generation of cameras that redefined the game for many photographers. It’s still a prodigious camera, even today. With a weather-sealed body, great autofocus, and excellent video and image quality. You just have to love this camera.

Note that it also doesn’t feature 4k video and you might want to buy an extra battery or two. Battery life is not great.

5. Sony A7 II

Best Cheap Full Frame Cameras
Best Cheap Full Frame Cameras

For a long time, the original Sony A7 was the cheapest full-frame camera you could find. But recently, it’s proving pretty hard to find these days. Truthfully, its replacement, the A7 Mark II is a much better camera. The big advantage that you get with the Alpha A7 II is built-in optical stabilization.

This allows you to get sturdier shots in a wide variety of lighting conditions. It also works with any of the range of E-mount Sony lenses. Autofocus and start-up times are also faster than those on the A7. The former thanks to a 117-point phase-detect AF system that works in combination with a 25-point contrast-detect AF. Thus, guaranteeing sharpness regardless of where the subject lies in the frame. This 24-megapixel CSC is also pretty small for a full-frame camera. Prices for the A7 Mark II are dipping just as they did for the original A7 before it. Currently, this is one of the cheapest options for full frame upgraders.

6. Nikon D750

Best Cheap Full Frame Cameras
Best Cheap Full Frame Cameras

Nikon’s low-budget full-frame DSLR still feels astonishingly fresh

The D750 was crammed between the cheaper D610 and the pro-spec D810/D850 in the Nikon DSLR range at first. But the D610 is now almost impossible to find new, so the D750 has become Nikon’s entry-level full-frame DSLR. The D750 takes its controls and handling cues from Nikon’s enthusiast-level DSLRs rather than its pro models. But it does have Nikon’s tried and trusted 51-point AF system which reigned as the best in the Nikon range.

The D750 does not capture 4K video, but it can shoot 1080p full HD at up to 60fps. It also has a tilting rear screen, so although its live view autofocus isn’t especially fast. It’s still a step ahead of most fixed-screen DSLRs. The D750 is an easy camera to live with and, of course, it offers access to a huge range of Nikon-fit lenses. The recent arrival of its long-awaited successor, the Nikon D780, should see the D750’s price driven down still further, so we’re starting to see some good bargains here.

7. Sony A7 III

Best Cheap Full Frame Cameras
Best Cheap Full Frame Cameras

Looking for value for money? Check out the Sony A7 III. Videographers won’t be disappointed.

It’s one of the best options if you’re both into video and stills. If you’re looking at the a7R III but find it too expensive. Look no further, the Sony A7 III is the camera you want and deserves its place in this budget full-frame camera list.

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8. Sony A7S


The low amount of megapixels might turn you off. But sometimes, you just have to give things a chance.This camera is more than excellent in low-light situations. You can shoot at ISO 80,000 without fretting about ruining the image. Also in normal situations, the image quality is excellent.

If you’re not looking for insane details and cropping power, the A7S might be the camera for you. It’s not the cheapest full-frame camera on this list, though.

9. Nikon Z6

Best Cheap Full Frame Cameras
Best Cheap Full Frame Cameras

Nikon has just released the new Nikon Z6 II and Z7 II models. These are updates to the existing Z6 and Z7, with twin card slots and speedier processing. But they’re more costly, and the prices of the older models are still very good cameras.

The Nikon Z6 has 24 megapixels, while the more expensive Z7 has 46 megapixels. But the Z6 has a faster continuous shooting speed than the Z7 and better image quality at high ISO settings. It also can capture oversampled uncropped 4K video. This means you get the best detail rendition and no ‘crop factor’ with your lenses. The Z6 doesn’t match the resolution of the Z7, but it’s better for video, and low light… and it’s cheaper!

10. Sigma fp


Sigma’s oddball stills/video camera is rather tempting

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It’s easy to fall in love with the small size of the Sigma fp and its utilitarian, industrial design. Sigma has always dared to be different with its cameras. Plus, given that there are now so many different full-frame mirrorless systems, this is appealing to the eyes.

This is a camera that is designed to be a start of a system, however, which is where opinions might divide. Still, photographers might find the Sigma fp a bit irritating to handle without its optional screw-on grip and ergonomically challenged even then. Videographers will see it differently. Here, the camera is simply a central component in a modular shooting ‘rig’, and Sigma’s small size and multiple attachment points are big advantages. In the end, it does feel as if Sigma fp is no more than an interesting alternative in the stills market. Rather, a much more serious and fascinating option for videographers. It’s also a rather good value.

11. Pentax K-1 II

Best Cheap Full Frame Cameras
Best Cheap Full Frame Cameras

Hey, it’s not all about Sony, Canon, and Nikon! Take a look at the Pentax K-1 II if you haven’t already financed heavily in lenses of other brands. It has weather sealing and rock-solid build quality. The image quality is excellent and it features dual SD card slots.

It’s not perfect, of course. The autofocus might be too slow for some photographers. Also, it’s built to last a lifetime but because of that, it’s heavier than you might like. Nevertheless, don’t just skip the Pentax when looking for the cheapest full-frame camera.

12. Nikon D810


When the D800 came out, it was a game-changer. But is the upgraded D810 still a good choice in 2019? Yes, it is. This full-frame SLR camera is designed primarily for those photographers who need high image quality.

Landscape photographers and portrait photographers won’t be disappointed. This camera offers excellent color rendering and image quality.

The low light performance is excellent and also videographers will be happy with the Nikon D810. Again, a downside is that it doesn’t feature 4K video. If you want the detail and superb image quality, the D810 is a very strong contender.

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