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10 Top Best YouTube To WAV Converter


YouTube to WAV Conversion is a process of converting videos from YouTube into audio files. The purpose of this conversion is so that the video can be used on other devices, such as cell phones and personal computers. If you want to convert a YouTube video for use in another format, like MP3 or AAC, then you will need a YouTube to WAV Converter.

Here Are Top YouTube To WAV Converters

By Click Downloader

By Click Downloader is available for free to use. Its premium version will cost you $4.99. You can also upgrade it for 2PCs for $2.99.

By Click Downloader is a video downloader that can backup your videos from any platform. It will let you convert the videos into various formats like WAV, WMV, MP4, etc. Along with YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Facebook, it supports 40 more sites.

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You will be able to download videos in HD & 4K quality. It supports downloading of private videos from YouTube.


SnapDownloader is a popular YouTube to WAV converter that allows you to download and convert YouTube videos to WAV.

This program can rip videos from over 900 websites and convert them to various video and audio formats. You can save the video or only extract the audio as a WAV file.

You can also download YouTube chapters to pick and choose the sections of a video you want to download, edit, or view offline.

SnapDownloader makes converting YouTube videos to WAV simple: simply paste the video’s link into the software, pick WAV as the desired output format, and click “Download.”

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is a multifunctional tool that can download, convert, compress and edit any videos. It is able to export videos to MP4, WAV, MOV, AVI, FLV, MP3, HEVC/H.264, and 420+ formats.

Powered by GPU acceleration tech and the High-Quality Engine, WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe can process videos at up to 47X real-time faster speed without hurting video quality.


One of the most famous YouTube to WAV converter programs is iTubeGo YouTube Downloader. You can download videos faster from sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

While video trimming is supported, you can also convert video to WAV or other formats.

iTubeGo uses a sophisticated video detection engine to detect and download YouTube videos quickly.


VideoProc provides an all-in-one solution to download, convert, and edit any videos audios. By utilizing level-3 GPU acceleration, it brings you 47x real-time fast speed to convert videos with highest possible output quality. Lower CPU usage.

It allows you to download video/playlist/channel singly or in batch and convert to WAV, M4A, MP4, MKV, FLV, etc. No matter your target video is 4K/8K or HD/SD, just go ahead with VideoProc.

Wondershare UniConverter

Wondershare UniConverter is a video converter for Windows and Mac that can convert videos to various formats and YouTube videos to WAV.

You can also compress and edit videos, create DVDs, and do a lot more with this sophisticated MP4 to WAV converter.

You can download YouTube videos as WAV by copying and pasting the video’s link and selecting “Download WAV.”

It is equipped with powerful capabilities to provide the greatest video conversion experience to users. UniConverter is one of the top alternatives on this list because it is much more than a Youtube to WAV converter. UniConverter is an excellent choice if you need a comprehensive video toolkit that allows you to compress, convert, and edit video and audio files.

MiniTool uTube Downloader

MiniTool uTube video downloader lets you convert YouTube videos to different audio and video formats. Unlike the other apps on this list, you need to download the application on your desktop device to convert videos.

The app allows you to download the entire playlist as Wav or MP3 formats. The free app has no intrusive ads. You can convert videos to the highest quality video and audio formats.

ByClick Downloader

ByClick Downloader is one of the most effective YouTube to WAV converters available for converting and downloading videos from the internet.

It allows you to easily download videos and music from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and a variety of other websites with just one click.

This program also allows you to effortlessly export your audio file to iTunes.


SavetheVideo.com is a free online tool that lets you download and convert videos on different social media sites to over 400 audio formats.

The software allows you to convert videos to popular audio formats including Wav, MP3, MP4, AAC, M4A, AVI, and WEBM formats. You can also install a desktop version of the software on PC and Mac devices.

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Leawo Prof. Media 11

Leawo Prof. Media 11 is an all-in-one media solution that allows you to download YouTube videos, convert them to a variety of formats, copy, burn, edit, play, and more at a 6x faster rate.

This ultimate solution integrates ten programs into one, including HD Video Converter, Online Video Downloader, Photo to DVD/Blu-ray Burner, etc.

You may download videos from YouTube, Facebook, and over 1000 other video-sharing sites with Leawo Prof. Media 11.

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YTBTO is a fast online video to audio converter. The video converter app allows you to convert YouTube and Vimeo video files to Wav and MP3 audio formats.

Additionally, the software also allows you to convert to video formats including MP4, AVI, MKV, and Webm formats. The app is responsive, thus you can use it in desktop and mobile devices.


What Is WAV Audio Format?

IBM and Microsoft developed Waveform Audio File Format or WAV to conserve the information audio file like sample rate, bit rate, audio data, etc.

What Are The Advantages Of YouTube To WAV Converters?

  • You can convert video into high-quality WAV.
  • Save any YouTube video with ease.
  • It allows you to convert files into a batch.
  • Download the video with just a video link.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • Download without losing the original quality

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It is illegal to convert any video from YouTube to a WAV file. You are to stream videos from YouTube to WAV only if there is no involvement in creating a video or sharing it on YouTube.

What Are The Uses Of the YouTube Converter (WAV) Application?

You can use YouTube to WAV converter application if you like to extract music or speech from the video files uploaded on YouTube.

How Can You Convert YouTube To WAV? (Youtube Converter)

Converting any YouTube video to WAV format is relatively easy. You need to paste the video link into the search bar and click on convert. The application will display the option to select audio format and quality.

What Are VBR And CBR?

Variable Bitrate (VBR) and Constant Bitrate (CBR) are WAV quality. VBR range from 0 to 9. On the other hand, CBR range from 32 kbps to 320 kbps.

Which Are The Best YouTube Converter (WAV) Online?

  • iTubeGo
  • Snapdownloader
  • 4K Video Downloader
  • Movavi
  • Wondershare Filmora
  • VideoProc
  • Any Video Converter

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