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8 Ways To Watch YouTube Videos Together With Friends

In this walkthrough, we will be explaining 8 ways to watch YouTube videos together with friends.

In this walkthrough, we will explain eight ways to watch YouTube videos with friends.

We have picked the best eight apps you can use to create a watch party with your faraway friends for more entertainment.

1. Watch2Gether

In Watch2Gether, all you have to do is create a room and send the link to your friends so they can join and use the chat function to talk to everyone to make it more fun.

2. SyncTube

In SyncTube, once you Create a room, you can start watching YouTube videos with no stress. The more fun part is you can control the room’s privacy. Which gives you the power to stop random people from joining you when watching.

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3. Sync Video

Sync Video leaves you in control of your room. For example, you can invite others by sharing the link. It also allows you to use the “Pause on Buffering,” which pauses the video for everyone if the internet connection is not stable.

Watch YouTube Videos Together With Friends

4. Twoseven

In Twoseven, you and your friends will have to create a free account before using it. It has the ability that allows everyone to share their webcam and microphone, which will enable you to see and discuss with your friends while watching the video.

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5. &chill

&chill boasts all of the usual features you would expect in private rooms, with its excellent interface. You can paste Youtube Links to add them to your playlist and include text chat features.

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Watch YouTube Videos Together With Friends


To use, enter a YouTube URL into the field on homepage, and the site will create a room. It has a chatbox for written conversations or audio chats. I shouldn’t tell you how fun it is when you can watch videos with your friend and at the same time chat with each other.

7. Togethr TV

Togethr TV has a short, easy and helpful tutorial to guide you through its features. It also has a text chat box etc.

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Watch YouTube Videos Together With Friends

8. Use a Video Conferencing Tool To Create a Youtube Watch party

In this tool, you and your friends need to join a virtual meeting then one of you will share their screen with the group so that others can watch.

How to Watch Videos With Friends Far Away: As provided above, Try them all to select the one you like the most. They are all free.

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