Friday, July 1, 2022
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How To Fix Yahoo Mail Not Working With Mac Mail Issues

In this guide, we explain how to troubleshoot Yahoo Mail not syncing with Mac Mail

For the convenience of Mac mail users, it has an inbuilt feature to sync and configure Yahoo mail into it, but many users have a query that Yahoo mail is not syncing/working with Mac Mail on their Mac. They are facing an error while configuring Yahoo mail to Apple Mail. In spite of using the correct credentials and following the required steps, they are unable to synchronize Yahoo to Mac.

If you are facing the same issue with your Yahoo Mail account then, this troubleshooting guide is for you. Here, you will get all possible tactics that can resolve Yahoo Mail not working on Mac Mail problem. So let us take a deep dive to the solutions for the same.

Troubleshoot Yahoo is Not Configuring with Mac Mail Problem

As most of the mail issues occur due to invalid settings or if there is something wrong with Yahoo Mail account that the user is trying to access. Hence, one can use the following techniques to resolve the issue Yahoo Mail Not working with Apple Mail or Yahoo Mail not working on Mac Mail or Yahoo Mail stopped working on Mac or Apple Mail can’t connect to the account Yahoo.

Check whether Yahoo Mail is Working Independently

  • Open a web browser either Google Chrome or Firefox into your computer.
  • Now, Open Yahoo Mail into it and log in.
  • Compose a new Email and send it to your Own Yahoo mail Account.
  • Now, Check on Apple Mail whether the email has been received in 5 Minutes or not.
  • If you haven’t received any email then there is some problem with your Yahoo mail account address.

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Update Your Operating System

Apple releases updates to its operating systems at any time and not installing the latest update can stop Yahoo Mail not loading in Apple Mail. Hence, make sure you are using the latest version of the Macintosh operating system.

Remove and Add Yahoo Account

Sometimes email setup issues lead to Yahoo Mail corruption and the user finds that Yahoo mail is not syncing with Mac Mails. So it is better to delete Yahoo Mail from Mac and try to reinstall it. Follow the steps given below to remove Yahoo from Mac.

  • Open the Mac Mail app
  • Click on “Mail” tab from the top menu
  • Now, select the “Preferences” option
  • On the sidebar click on Yahoo email account to which you want to remove
  • Click on the “-” from the bottom
  • Confirm the account deletion via clicking on “OK”
  • After this again add same Yahoo account to your Mac Mail

Inspect Yahoo Mail Account Settings

Following settings can prevent your email from downloading emails to your Inbox:

Spam folder – Check Spam folder to see if the email is incorrectly marked
Blocked address – The email sender may have been blocked by mistake
Email Filters – Check filters if the email could have arrived in any other folder
Reply-to address – Make sure that your reply-to address is blank

Temporarily Disable all Security Applications

Sometimes the antivirus program conflicts with some of the features of Yahoo Mail and therefore Yahoo Mail don’t sync to Mac Mail. First, you should disable the antivirus program and then configure Yahoo Mail into Mac mail.

  • Open Antivirus Program and disable all the Firewalls.
  • Connect the Yahoo Mail to Mac Mail.
  • If the issue gets resolved after this then, the disabled security program was the cause of the problem
  • Once you add Yahoo Mail to Mac Mail, you can re-enable the antivirus program.

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Check If Auto-Forwarding is Enabled

Enabled auto-forwarding can prevent Yahoo Mail account by downloading emails on Mac Mail.
For checking what auto-forwarding you may have set, click on “Settings” tab and select Mail option from the left side navigation pane. Click on “Auto forward”. Now you can view any auto-forward rules you have been set.

Check Server Address

There might be some problem with the server address so before you sync Yahoo mail to Apple mail you must enter the following server address.

POP3 incoming mail server: (port 995, requires SSL)
IMAP incoming mail server: (port 993, requires SSL)
SMTP outgoing mail server: (port 465 or 587, requires SSL)
NEWS server:

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Quit and Relaunch Mail App

The easiest technique to resolve emails not downloading in Yahoo Mail issue is simply relaunching the Apple Mail app. It is so because quitting the application and reopening it, stops all the background processes that are causing the issue. The quickest way to do this is just hit “Command+Q” from the Mail app and launch the application again.

Yahoo Mail Converter

It is the last option you are left with because this tool will help you to convert and Save Yahoo Emails as MBOX file and then you can import those MBOX files into your Apple Mail. This is how it is possible to resolve the issue that Yahoo mail is not syncing with mac mail. This method is genuine and there will be no chance of any data loss during the whole process.

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