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12 Ways To Fix Disney Plus Not Working On Roku

Have you been frustrated by the fact that how to fix disney plus not working on roku in countries other than the United States? We understand how frustrating it may be to be playing Star Wars: Andor when all of a sudden the game lags or stops up on you.

Daniel Barrett
Jul 21, 202334934 Shares499052 Views
Have you been frustrated by the fact that how to fix Disney plus not working on Roku in countries other than the United States? We understand how frustrating it may be to be playing Star Wars: Andor when all of a sudden the game lags or stops up on you.
It is quite terrible that the majority of people report that Disney Plus does not operate on Roku Express in countries other than the United States, leaving them with just unanswered queries.
But were you aware that one of the problems, such as error code 90, may be because your Roku player is not connected to a virtual private network (VPN) that supports Disney Plus? Fortunately, several excellent workarounds have been proven to work for the majority of Roku Express Disney Plus users, and they can work for you as well.
We have the answers to your questions about the incompatibility of Disney Plus with Roku 2022. One of the most important things is to educate yourself on how to update and watch Disney Plus on Roku while you are outside of the United States.
If you are having problems, make sure that your Roku is running the most recent version by hitting the Star Button and then selecting Check for updates from the menu that appears. To upgrade your Roku, go to Home > Settings > System > System update on your remote control. Check it out now.

Is My Roku Too Old For Disney Plus Outside USA?

As a result of its extensive catalog of films and television series spanning a wide variety of properties, Disney Plus has quickly become one of the most popular streaming platforms available. On the other hand, if you are located outside of the United States and have an earlier Roku device, you may be curious about the compatibility of your device with Disney Plus.
In this piece, we will investigate whether or not earlier Roku devices are compatible with Disney Plus outside of the United States, and we will also provide many other options for gaining access to Disney Plus content. If you live outside of the United States and want to watch Disney Plus, you have choices, even if your Roku streaming player is too old or not supported.

Understanding Roku Device Compatibility

Roku players exist in a variety of types, each of which may or may not be compatible with a certain streaming service. When it comes to Disney Plus, the majority of more recent Roku streaming devices have official compatibility with the platform. However, compatibility issues may arise with older models owing to hardwarerestrictions or software that has become obsolete.

Alternatives For Accessing Disney Plus

If your Roku streaming player is too outdated to support Disney Plus outside of the United States, you can still enjoy Disney Plus content via one of the other accessible choices. Take into consideration these different options.
  • If you are committed to utilizing Roku as your streaming platform, you may want to think about upgrading to a newer model that is compatible with Disney Plus.
  • Investigate various streaming platforms and devices that share compatibility with Disney Plus and are offered in your area.
  • You can stream Disney material via your gamingconsole if you have the Disney Plus software downloaded on it, which is available for download if you possess a gaming console such as PlayStationor Xbox.

Considerations For Using Alternatives

When deciding on an alternative streaming device, it is important to keep in mind the following considerations, although other solutions allow access to Disney Plus.
  • Each streaming device provides its users with a unique user interface as well as a unique collection of functionality.
  • Verify that an alternative streaming device you're considering buying supports Disney Plus and is compatible with any other streaming applications you may want to use before making the purchase.
  • There is a range of prices available for various streaming devices.
Tv Screen
Tv Screen

Why Is Disney Plus Not Working On Roku?

The popular streaming program known as Disney Plus provides users with access to an extensive library of movies, television series, and original material. The Roku streaming player is a popular gadget that gives consumers the ability to access a variety of streaming services on their televisions.
On the other hand, several Roku customers have experienced problems with Disney Plus not functioning properly. Here are some possible reasons why this may be happening.

Outdated Roku Software

Outdated software is likely to be the primary cause of Disney Plus not functioning properly on Roku, which is one of the most prevalent explanations. The firmware on Roku devices has to be updated regularly for them to be able to support the most recent streaming services and applications.
When attempting to access Disney Plus on your Roku device, you can run into problems if the software on that device is out of current.
Checking for available software updates on your Roku device will help you resolve this problem. To do so, go to Settings > System > System update > Check now on your Roku device.

Poor Internet Connection

A subpar internet connection is yet another potential explanation for why the Roku version of Disney Plus is not functioning properly. For optimal performance, streaming services such as Disney Plus need a connection to the internet that is both reliable and quick.
When you attempt to use Disney Plus, you can run into buffering problems or other difficulties if your internet connection is sluggish or unreliable.
You may attempt to repair this problem by either resetting the router that you are using or getting in touch with your internet service provider.

Hardware Compatibility Issues

Due to hardware compatibility difficulties, there is a possibility that Disney Plus may not operate on Roku at times. Several Roku streaming players are incompatible with Disney Plus, particularly older ones that were not designed with app functionality in mind.
If you are using an older Roku device, you may be unable to access Disney Plus until you switch to a current model. You can check whether devices are compatible with Disney Plus by going to the Roku website.
Settings Of Roku
Settings Of Roku

12 Ways How To Fix Disney Plus Not Working On Roku

You should give some of these possible remedies a go if Disney Plus was functioning properly on your Roku in the past but has abruptly ceased doing so now.

Reboot Your Roku Device

You may attempt to power down your Roku by unplugging both the device and the power connection from your television.

Check For Channel Updates

Before you can start utilizing the Disney+ channel, all you need to do may be to download the most recent update for it. Activate the check for updates function by highlighting the channel and then pressing the star button (*).

Update Your Roku

If the Disney Plus app does not function on your Roku device, you may check to see if the problem can be fixed by upgrading the main Roku software via the settings menu. To upgrade your system, go to Home > Settings > System > System update. Check it out now.

Reboot Your Router

The problem may be in the way you connect to the internet. It could help to restart your router.

Remove The Disney Plus Channel And Add It Again

You may try removing Disney Plus from your Roku and then installing the channel once again (for more information, read the section under "Remove From Your Roku"). If you are successful in getting it to function again, you will also need to check in to the channel, so make sure you have your login information on hand.

Go Straight To Your TV

If you normally connect your Roku to an external audio-visual system, you should consider connecting it directly to your television instead.

Reset Your Roku To Factory Settings

You will want to make sure that Disney Plus is functioning well in general before attempting this step (see the section below for more information), but this is a good last step to try if you are unable to get the channel to operate. Despite this, you will need to reinstall everything.

Contact Roku Customer Support

If you are unsure, contact Roku and ask its support staff if they can be of any additional assistance to you.

Report The Problem To Disney Plus

If none of the solutions work, you must look for professional assistance. It is in your best interest to get in touch with the Disney Plus Help Center and provide all the information that they want about your Roku device, account information, and the problems that you are encountering to speed up the resolution of your problem.
If these solutions don't work for you, you may check out our comprehensive advice on how to repair Disney Plus if it's not functioning. This article will undoubtedly present the central answer to getting rid of this issue simply and straightforwardly.

Check Your Internet Connection And Internet Speed Outside The USA

Go to Home > Settings > Network > About, and this will guide you to check the connection. This will allow you to check your internet strength while you are outside the United States. The strength should show Excellently; if the internet connection is not strong enough, your Roku device will have problems.

Make Sure That Your Internet Connection Is Working Properly, As Well As The Speed

In terms of internet speed, Roku demands a minimum of 3 megabits per second (Mbps) for SD content downloads and 9 Mbps for HD content downloads. About Disney Plus.

Disney Plus not working on Roku - Fix it Now

Clear Cache And Data On Roku Device Outside The USA

It is possible for a temporary file to become damaged, which will not only result in problems with Disney + but will also expose you to potential privacy risks. Outside of the USA, you may wipe the data stored on your Roku device to free up memory and get more space.
You have the option to pick the Home tab, after which you must repeatedly hit the Home button located on the remote control while simultaneously pressing the Up and Rewind buttons in sequence.
In the end, you need to hit the Fast Forward button twice. The cache on your Roku device will be cleared, and then it will restart. Sign in again to see whether Disney Plus is still functioning properly.

People Also Ask

How Can You Check Your Internet Connection?

Test your internet speed using a reliable speed testing tool.

What Can You Do If Your Internet Connection Is Slow Or Intermittent?

Reset your router and modem, move closer to your Wi-Fi router, or connect to a wired connection using an Ethernet cable.

What Should You Do To Ensure Smooth Streaming On Roku?

Update both your Roku device and the Disney Plus app to the latest versions.


These methods should assist you in overcoming the challenges of how to fix Disney plus not working on Roku. However, if you try everything and nothing changes, you need to get in touch with the Disney Plus Help Centre to find out why Disney Plus won't load.
If you want to watch Disney Plus outside of the United States on Roku, you need to have an active membership to Disney Plus and a Roku device. Both of these things should be utilized to their full potential so that you may meet your streaming goals.
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