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How To Change And Manage Voicemail Greeting


Wondering how you can change and manage voicemail greetings? If you’re unable to answer any calls due to busyness or you intentionally want to stay away from your phone for a while, then voicemail greetings are the perfect feature for you. In this article, we will be explaining how to change and manage voicemail greetings.

How To Change And Manage Voicemail Greeting

Voicemail greetings are easy to create and can help leave a positive impression on callers. Even if you are unable to answer someone’s call, they can still be left with a positive interaction thanks to the voicemail greeting they receive.

Changing or managing your voicemail requires just a few steps. Follow the below steps to get it done:

  • Launch your Phone app.
  • Locate and choose Voicemail.
  • Select Greeting.
  • Choose Custom.
  • Now, click Record to start recording your new custom greeting.
  • Tap stop immediately you finish recording.
  • Finally, click Save when you’re satisfied with your message.

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That’s it on how to tweak and manage voicemail greetings. We hope this article was helpful.

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