Sunday, July 3, 2022
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How Do I Easily Find My SIM Card Number

In this article, you will be learning how do I find my SIM card number.

You are using a smartphone, and you don’t know what number is on the phone. In this article, you will learn how I find my SIM card number. However, it depends on the type of phone you have.

How Do I Find My SIM Card Number

1. On Android 

Finding your number only takes a few steps on an Android phone, but it’s simple once you follow the below steps accordingly:

  • First, launch Setting App on your Android device.
  • Next, click on About Phone and choose Status.
  • Then scroll down and locate the ICCID (SIM Card) number.
  • Next, remove the back cover and the battery.
  • Next, slide out the SIM Card and find the SIM Card number on the card.

2. On My Actual SIM Card

This is another excellent way to find your SIM card number on your Actual SIM Card. First, however, here’s how to get it done quickly:

  • Use the SIM-eject tool or insert a paper clip into the hole beside the tray to eject the tray.
  • Remove the SIM card, and the number will be located on the SIM Card.

Bottom Line

We believe you can know your SIM card number by reading this article. So kindly leave us a message in our comment box. Thanks for reading. 

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