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How to Cancel Starz Subscription on any Device

This guide explains how to cancel a Starz subscription on any device. Starz is a premium American cable and streaming channel...

Author:Daniel BarrettAug 16, 202217501 Shares460562 Views
Starzis a premium American cable and streaming channel, broadcasting Lionsgate’s movie library and original programming. As of last year, Starz has a total of 26.5 million subscribers, both internationally and domestically.
If you want to cancel your Starz subscription, you can do it in several ways—online, by email, and by phone. Depending on how you subscribed for the service in the first place, you can cancel the subscription directly through Starz or through a third-party company. This guide explains how to cancel a Starz subscription on any device.

How to Cancel Starz Subscription Through the Web

  • Sign in to your Amazon account in a web browser.
  • Click “Accounts & Lists” in the top right-hand corner of your screen.
  • Scroll down to “Memberships and subscriptions.”
  • Click “Prime Video Channels.”
  • You’ll be asked to log in again.
  • Scroll down. You’ll see “Starz” under “Your Channels.”
  • Click “Cancel Channel(s).”
  • A message will pop up, showing if you want to cancel your subscription, whether To cancel or keep your subscription.
  • Click “Turn off auto-renew and watch until [insert date] to cancel your subscription.”
  • Give a reason why you’re ending your subscription.
  • The site will return to your Prime Video Channels page, where you will see your subscription due date.
iOS/App Store
1. Go to your Apple ID2. Select Manage 3. Select Starz4. Move the Automatic Renewal toggle to the off position
1. Go to your Funimation App2. Select Settings under the hamburger menu3. Select Your Plan – you’ll be taken to your Google Play subscriptions 4. Select Starz5. Select Cancel Subscription
Amazon/Fire TV
1. Go to your Amazon Store subscriptions2. Next to your Starz subscription, select Actions3. Select Turn off Auto-Renewal4. Confirm the changes
If you signed up for Starz via Roku, cancel your subscription over on your Roku account here
1. Log into your Sling account2. Select Change Subscriptions4. Expand the list of offerings for your current package.5. Uncheck STARZ6. Select Review at the bottom of the page7. Select Submit Order
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