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The 7 Best Car Power Inverters to Buy

Looking for the best car power inverters? You're in the right place. In this article, we'll list out the best 8 car power you can buy in 2022.

Daniel Barrett
May 30, 20224835 Shares201460 Views
Are you looking for the best car power inverters? You’re in the right place. This article will list the best eight car power you can buy in 2022.
A car power inverter can turn a vehicle’s 12-volt direct current power supply into a 120-volt alternating current found in household grids.
So, if you want to charge multiple devices at a time, run a laptop, or even power a fridge to live that van life, these are the best power inverters for your car.

What to Look for in a Power Inverter?

What you look for and ultimately buy depends on your needs.
Drawing excessive power from your inverter can cause blown fuses or electrical failures. Also, keep in mind that when you plug in multiple devices that, the wattage adds up.
Some of the things you need to look for when buying a power inverter are power (wattage),features (such as USB port) and the price.
The list is below.

1. BESTEK 75 Watt Power Inverter

The 7 Best Car Power Inverters to Buy
The 7 Best Car Power Inverters to Buy
For those who have just a few small devices to power, this model is about as simple as inverters can get. The 75-watt capacity should be plenty to charge phones, laptops, and camera batteries, but larger electronics will be a no-go. It converts a 12-volt outlet into one household plug point and a couple of USB charge ports.
If you’re on a tight budget, we recommend you go for BESTEK 75 Watt Power Inverter. The device cost just US$26 on Amazon and some other well-known retailers in the US.

2. Energizer 4000 Watts Power

Approved Under UL STD 458The Energizer 4,000 watt power inverter for cars is your ultimate power delivery device for those who need to power larger electronics.
Given its 4000 Watts, the power inverter costs US$355 on Amazon. We recommend this if you’ve got the money.

3. BESTEK 300w inverter

The 7 Best Car Power Inverters to Buy
The 7 Best Car Power Inverters to Buy
The Bestek 300w is perfect for the price in terms of overall usage and value. Instead of wanting to power a chainsaw, we’re assuming the average person wants to charge a few laptops, a tablet, maybe some DJI battery packs, and keep their phones topped off. If that’s you, the 300-watt output is the perfect solution with two AC outlets and dual USB ports.
Quickly plug this into the 12V cigarette lighter, and you’re all set for camping, road trips, and more.
Bestek 300w inverter costs US$35.99 on Amazon and is also available for purchase on other retailers as well.

4. BESTEK 200 Watt Power Inverter

This Bestek model gives you extra power wrapped up in a convenient package. The 200-watt capacity is enough to run larger electronics or perhaps a mini beverage cooler.
Compared to the Bestek 300w inverter, the Bestek 200watt power inverter is US$5 less at just US$30.

5. Energizer 500 watts Inverter

The 7 Best Car Power Inverters to Buy
The 7 Best Car Power Inverters to Buy
The Energizer 500w inverter offers dual power options and six ports for charging, making it super portable for any situation or device.
You can get the Energizer 500 watts inverter on Amazon for US$75, which is not surprising given its high wattage.

6. Magnum 1000 Watt Pure Sine

The Magnum models differ from most inverters by supplying “pure sine wave” power which is a fancy way of saying this inverter is pure and extremely powerful. To understand just how powerful it is, it can power appliances with AC motors, such as refrigerators, compressors or microwaves.
This ensures the efficiency and reliability of intricate electronics and power tools during sustained operation. This upgrade comes at a price, as the CSW series is more than double the price of many comparable inverters.
You can get this device on Amazon for US$406.

7. Stanley 140 Watt Power Inverter

This Stanley model is pretty simplistic, with only one AC outlet at 140 watts and two USB ports below. The thing that sets it apart is the included secure mounting bracket. This allows the user to easily place the device out of the way of all their levers and buttons and not worry about it falling on the floor.
The downside is that the mount uses two metal screws, so drilling into the dashboard is required. For a less intrusive method, double-stick tape may hold it for a while.
The device costs US$40 on Amazon and some other well-known retailers in the US.
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