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Apple Music Vs Spotify Premium Vs Pandora One


Multiple music streaming platforms are available, both for free and with a monthly paid subscription, including Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora.

Pandora has been one of the forerunners of the internet radio craze for 15 years now, and the landscape has changed drastically since its debut. Currently, there are more providers, more subscription options, more ways to listen, and millions more songs. In addition, the recent entry of Apple into the scene with Apple Music has shaken up the field, and users have been asking themselves the question:

  • How does Apple Music stack up against Pandora and Spotify?
  • How good is Apple Music?
  • Is Pandora still the king of internet radio?
  • Is Spotify still on its meteoric rise?

Let’s take a look. This article will solve those questions in detail.

Apple Music Vs. Spotify Premium Vs. Pandora One

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Pandora One

Pandora has been offering music streaming for a very long time now, and its name has become synonymous with internet radio.

The music app is free unless one wants Pandora premium for the same cost as Spotify Premium and Apple Music. Pandora premium offers unlimited replay and the ability to search and play any song.

Listeners can give a thumbs-up or thumbs-down to any song to give feedback to Pandora so it can better personalize the station. Users also get a limited number of skips so that a song can be skipped without giving it a thumbs-down.

However, Pandora’s connection to the Music Genome Project does make it an intriguing option, as there are thousands of potential traits for each song, meaning the radio stations can be customized to particular types of music.


Now let’s talk about the rising star known as Spotify. This music streaming rising star has made a huge name quickly with great branding and a phenomenal music selection. Its 30 million songs blow Pandora out of the water, and its exclusives and wide range of celebrity-curated playlists make it a popular choice for listeners, both young and old.

“Spotify provides similar music to playlists you make for yourself which can help you find new songs. It offers all types of music,” A sophomore at Palmetto, Juliana Medina, said. “Regular Spotify only offers you six skips per hour, and you have to listen to ads. You also can’t pick your song, and it has to play on shuffle mode.”

The inability to use Spotify’s mobile apps without paying for a subscription can be irritating, though if you don’t listen to music on the go very much, it might not be a big deal. With a subscription price that costs twice as much as Pandora, whether or not Spotify premium is a good deal depends largely on how much you’re likely to use the mobile apps and offline access. The significantly more extensive music selection is also a significant factor.

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Apple Music

Apple Music may be the newcomer to the scene. Still, due to iTunes and Apple’s dominating presence in this tech world, it immediately became a serious contender in the online music streaming space. And by combining some features from previous music apps, Apple has created a service that could be tough to beat.

At $9.99 a month, Apple Music offers over 30 million songs without ad interruptions in your favorite songs. Apple streaming price is the same as Spotify Premium and offers many of the same features, like offline access to chosen content, mobile apps (even on Android!), and unlimited skips. In addition, it includes the features of iTunes Match and Beats Radio and adds a few more besides, making it a very well-rounded and full-featured music streaming solution.

Which Music Streaming Service is the Best?

Choosing between Spotify and Apple Music is tough. Spotify is well-established, it’s well-liked, and it’s very familiar. Apple Music still feels a little experimental, even though iTunes and Apple have completely dominated the online music scene for years. There are also some less-than-stellar points in Apple’s past, like Beats Radio and Ping. They’ve learned from their mistakes and created an excellent service, but it’s hard to know without trying it out.

Additionally, both Spotify and Apple Music offer free trials for users to try how good is their Premium version; Spotify give out 30 free for the user, and Apple Music give out full three months for their Premium versions. So the best way to figure out which service is best for you is to try them—see if your favorite artists are available, check out the apps, and make sure that it’s easy to get the type of music playing experience you want. Eventually, one of these services will come out on top.

All three streaming services have their pros and cons, and it just depends on what experience the user wants. If one wants zero interruptions from ads and the ability to listen to almost every song created, then Apple Music is the way to go. However, it is only available on iPhones and other Apple devices.

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