Tuesday, July 5, 2022
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7 of the Best Audible Alternatives You Can Try

In this article, we will walk you through 7 of the best alternatives to Audible.

Best Audible Alternatives – When it comes to audiobook apps, Audible is often seen as the industry’s pinnacle. Backed by a huge library and the Amazon name, Audible is arguably the best audiobook site on the Internet.

Many readers want to try audiobooks, but it’s easy to be intimidated by the number of choices we have now. This article will walk you through 7 of the best alternatives to Audible.

1. OverDrive & Libby

Best Audible Alternatives
Best Audible Alternatives

Did you know you can borrow audiobooks from your local library? OverDrive and Libby are incredible ways to listen to popular audiobooks for free for anybody with a library card hanging around. As one would expect with a library, there are limited “copies” of each audiobook, so you may have to wait for someone else to check their “copy” back in. The other caveat is that your local library has to have the book as part of its collection.

Accessible in more than 40 countries, both services are free since taxes cover most of your library’s costs. Both the websites and apps are pleasant enough to use and navigate, and finding books in various categories is easily done.

2. Libro.fm

Best Audible Alternatives

Libro.fm is a fantastic audiobook, and your membership supports independent bookstores. You get one book every month for about a similar cost as an Audible membership, and a portion of your membership dollars is paid directly to the independent bookstore of your choice. You can also share your credits as gifts.

3. Scribd

Best Audible Alternatives

Scribd is most famous for its print material yet additionally offers an incredible audiobook experience. While Scribd doesn’t note just how many books are available in its audiobook collection, online estimates have suggested around 40,000.

Every title in the collection is included in Scribd’s $9.99 monthly plan, including ebooks and documents available across the entire Scribd site.

The website and the available apps on iOS and Android make it easy to search, discover and download for offline listening.

4. Chirp

Best Audible Alternatives

BookBub’s audiobook platform Chirp offers no membership fee or holds lines. You purchase and own the books you pick. Create an account and tell them what types of books you enjoy, and then Chirp will send a regular email when books that might match your interests are on sale. Download their free application and stream or download your books.

5. Hoopla

Best Audible Alternatives

Like OverDrive, Hoopla enables you to check out audiobooks from different libraries. Upon authentication of your library membership (using a library card), you get complete access to the service’s audiobook collection. There’s no charge for the service, and you can listen to them on iOS, Android, Amazon, Roku, etc. The interface is easy to navigate and breaks down its collections into Popular, Featured, New York Times bestsellers and more.

6. Apple Books

Best Audible Alternatives

If you’re already deep into the Apple ecosystem, looking at their audiobook options makes sense. Available in their “Books” app across macOS, iOS and iPadOS, many book options are available. Best of all, these lists not only include bestsellers, new or trending books but also deals. Immediately upon opening the app, Apple highlights some of its best limited-time offers, including audiobooks under $5.

7. Google Play Books

Similar to Apple, Google also offers its own bookstore experience. There are numerous similarities between the two competitors, including recommendations based on previous reading habits. One bonus for Google Play Books is how quickly it highlights free audiobook options in fiction and nonfiction categories. Google’s offering isn’t as friendly to navigate as Apple’s, but it’s still easy to use.

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