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5 Best Cydia Impactor Alternative For Your iOS Device

In this article, we'll list out the best Cydia Impactor alternative for your iOS device. Click on the link to read the full guide

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Cydia Impactor Alternative – Cydia Impactor is a program that helps install an IPA file on iOS devices. An IPA file is an iOS application archive file that stores an iOS app. Each IPA file includes a binary for the ARM architecture and can only be installed on an iOS device.
Unfortunately, Impactor 0.9.52 doesn’t work anymore. Accordingly, it is necessary to use alternative methods.
If you are searching for a Cydia Impactor alternative, you probably need it to install IPA files on iOS.
This article will list the best Cydia Impactor alternatives for your iOS device.


5 Best Cydia Impactor Alternative For Your iOS Device
5 Best Cydia Impactor Alternative For Your iOS Device
AltStore is the best Cydia Impactor alternative that lets you install IPA onto your iOS device using your Apple ID and password.
Alt Store iOS has released an update that allows you to install any IPA file via AltStore. The only step to take is to import the IPA file into AltStore. It is then possible to sign the IPA.


Signer is a free Mac application to sign IPA, DEB, APP, xcarchive packages and sideloads them on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. To do this, the user must have macOS. Either a Mac or a virtual machine. Files will be signed with Xcode.
This is a complicated Cydia Impactor alternative if you’re new to signing and installing IPA files.


Sideloadly is one of the Cydia Impactor alternatives. The app was released quite recently. Sideloadly is used to upload unpublished IPA files. You can also install these files on your device.
This app is as easy to use as Impactor. It offers tons of features, starting with the ability to install apps with a free or paid Apple Developer account.


AltSigner is a free Cydia Impactor alternative tool that you can use to sign IPA on Windows. The application requires Apple ID, device UDID, and an IPA file to sign.
Additionally, the software can manage multiple Apple accounts and save information about signed packages’ expiration dates.


LightiningSign is a free alternative. You can use it to install and sign the IPA file directly from your iPhone.
There is no need to have a computer to sideload IPAs using this tool. It uses an enterprise certificate to install apps and works with all packages.
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