Friday, July 1, 2022
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What Is an EX4 File and How to Open it

In this article, we will explain what the EX4 file is and how to convert and open it.

Did you come across an EX4 file and wondered what it is? This article will explain what the EX4 file is and how to convert and open it.

What Is an EX4 File?

An EX4 file is a compiled program written for MetaTrader, a platform created for online trading of Forex, Futures, and CFD markets. It contains executable code that has been compiled.MQ4 files and the EX4 file can be executed on the MetaTrader platform.

How To Convert EX4 File

Since EX4 files are the compiled equivalent of MQ4 files, you’d need a decompiler to “convert” EX4 to MQ4. However, according to our research, we haven’t found any decompiler that can do this.

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You might be able to convert EX4 to EX5 or AFL (AmiBroker Formula Language). If so, it’s most likely done through the MetaTrader program itself, but we haven’t verified this.

How To Open EX4 File

To open an EX4 file in MetaTrader 4, the file must be placed in the “Indicators” folder. You can then open the file by clicking the Editor tool in the MetaTrader 4 toolbar, selecting the “Indicators” folder in the left “Navigator” panel, and choosing the appropriate EX4 file.

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