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How to Type Cent Symbol on Your Computer or Smartphone


Cent is a currency symbol representing 1/100 of a unit. For example 1USD = 100¢. It is also called by other names like penny or centavo with similar monetary value. Cent sign is written differently, like a stroke on the letter c. However, we will explain how to type the proper cent sign using keyboard shortcuts.

The cent symbol (¢) is used when writing about U.S. currency to refer to a particular number of cents, usually when dealing with amounts less than $1. You can type a cent sign on most computers running Microsoft Windows or Apple macOS, and you can find the symbol on keyboards for Android and iOS smartphones. In addition, you can search for the cent symbol online and copy and paste it into your message or document if all else fails.

Cent Sign ¢ Shortcuts for Windows

You can use one of the below methods to insert the Cent sign on Windows computers.

  • Alt code shortcuts – You can press the alt key and 0162 in Windows to type cent sign ¢. However, you need to use a separate number pad to type the numbers on your keyboard.
  • Hexadecimal code for Word – On Windows-based Word documents, you can type 00A2 and press the alt + x keys to convert the code into a cent symbol.

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If you don’t know the Alt code for a cent sign or any other symbol, you can access it using the Windows Character Map utility. To open this program, click the search box in the Start Menu or on the taskbar and type Character Map, clicking the result that pops up. Next, search through the list of characters by scrolling or typing cent into the search box. Finally, use the provided tools to copy the character into your computer’s clipboard and paste it into another program.

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Cent Sign ¢ Shortcuts for Mac

You can type a cent sign on Apple macOS using a keyboard shortcut. Hold down the Option key on your keyboard and press the number 4. That key also has the dollar sign ($) on it, making it easier to remember that it’s associated with U.S. currency.

To insert characters in general, use Apple’s built-in Character Viewer when you don’t know a keyboard shortcut. Then, pop it up by holding down the Control and Command keys and pressing the Space Bar where you want to insert the symbol.

Search through the menu for the symbol you want using the search box or scrolling through the list. Then, click the symbol you want to insert into the program you’re using. If you want to reuse a symbol, reopen the Character Viewer or copy and paste it.

Cent Sign on Smart Phones

Most keyboards for iOS and Android smartphones let you access a cent sign.


On iOS and Android devices, press and hold the $ symbol on the virtual keyboard to access other currency symbols, including the cent sign. Then, tap the cent sign or another currency symbol you need.

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