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Toshiba Satellite BIOS Password Removal

It’s possible for any Toshiba user to easily forget their password by mistake, this can happen to those that have different passwords for different stuff. In this article, we will talk about Toshiba Satellite password removal.

If you happen to forget your BIOS password by mistake, or someone manage to gain access to your gadget and changed the password on your Toshiba laptop without your authorization or permission, then there are different ways you can follow to easily reset your password and take over your computer.

If you’ve forgotten your BIOS password, or if someone has changed the password on your Toshiba laptop without your permission, then there are a couple of things that you can do to reset the password and access your computer. Though, the best idea in this kind of situation is to contact Toshiba support. However, if you do not have your device serial number, they may not be able to assist you.

Toshiba Satellite BIOS Password Removal

As mentioned earlier, there are several ways to get access to your Toshiba laptop after someone has managed to change your password or you forget it. However, here are tested ways to gain your to your computer:

Solution One: Reset The CMOS

CMOS is the part of the motherboard that stores the BIOS password from your Toshiba laptop, your best option is to forcibly clear the CMOS. Now, follow the below instructions to clear the CMOS:

Step One: Remove the battery from your computer and leave it out for at least 30 minutes to an hour. Removing the battery on Toshiba laptops depends on the model. The most common way to remove the battery is to release the battery lock on the bottom of the laptop while sliding the accompanying tab over to the side. This will pop the battery out from its tray so that you can then pull it out.

Note: Before you attempt to remove the battery, make sure you turn off the laptop and remove the AC adapter. This will prevent harming yourself or the laptop components with static electricity.

Step Two: Now return the battery back to its tray and lock it into place after an hour or removal. Then, power the laptop on and you will notice the computer will no longer ask you for a BIOS password.

Note: Sometimes you may need to leave your battery out for more than an hour to make this work and also keep in mind that this will reset all your BIOS settings to factory default.

Solution Two: Use a Backdoor Password

A backdoor password is basically a password that manufacturers include with the BIOS so that technicians can access the computers that people send in for repair. Type “Toshiba” when BIOS prompts your to enter a password, this will give you access to your computer and you will be able to clear the old BIOS password. Another option is to hold the left “Shift” key down while booting.

How to Reset Toshiba Laptop BIOS Password

Control Panel is a perfect place to start immediately if you want to reset your computer’s password. The steps below show you how:

You can access the Control Panel by clicking Start, then Control Panel (or Start, then Settings, then Control Panel). To set up Toshiba hardware or HWSetup, click the icon in Control Panel. The Password tab can be accessed by clicking on it. You can register by clicking on the Registered link. Press Enter once you have entered a new password under the “Password = ” prompt.

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