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Spotify's $20-a-month ‘Supremium’ Tier Is Arriving Soon


Spotify, a leading player in the music streaming industry, is rumored to be gearing up for a significant addition to its subscription offerings. Spotify's $20-a-month ‘Supremium’ tier is arriving soon. This potential move has sparked considerable interest and speculation within the techand music communities.

The 'Supremium' tier is expected to come with a range of enhanced features that go beyond the offerings of Spotify's existing subscription plans. Subscribers to this premium tier may enjoy benefits such as higher audio quality, exclusive content, and an ad-free experience.

The $20 monthly subscription fee positions 'Supremium' as a high-tier option, likely targeting audiophiles and users who seek an elevated and exclusive music streaming experience. The move mirrors a broader trend in the industry, where streaming services are diversifying their offerings to cater to different user preferences and needs.

"Supremium" will provide customers access to higher-quality music, playlist-mixing tools, and audiobooks. The popular blogger who is credited with creating the hashtag, Chris Messina, made a post on Threads that included what appeared to be the logo for Spotify's upcoming service.

Messina discusses other potential capabilities, such as complex playlist-mixing tools for categorizing music based on BPM, feel, mood, and more. AI playlist construction, 20-30 hours of audiobook listening, and 24-bit lossless audio may also be included as freebies.

The "Supremium" tier, according to Messina, will contain a "sound capsule" tailored to each user as well as "24-bit lossless audio", commonly known as "high fidelity" or "HiFi."

Subscribers to the more expensive tier will supposedly be able to listen to 30 hours of audiobooks every month, as well as filter their collection by mood, activity, and genre.

The introduction of a 'Supremium' tier by Spotify reflects the competitive nature of the music streaming landscape. With various players vying for market dominance, offering tiered subscriptions with additional features has become a strategy to attract and retain subscribers.

Chris Messina's post on Threads about Spotify's Supremium tier
Chris Messina's post on Threads about Spotify's Supremium tier

The newsof Spotify's potential 'Supremium' tier has sparked discussions and speculations among users. Many are curious about the specific features that will set this tier apart and whether the additional cost justifies the anticipated benefits. The user community eagerly awaits an official announcement from Spotify to clarify these details.

Messina also makes the audacious prediction that the next tier will be available "by the end of the year." Whether or whether that holds true remains to be seen, but it's something to think about for the time being.

The availability of 24-bit lossless music is a potential "selling point" for Spotify's new tier. According to reports, the tier should provide CD-quality streamed music for fans looking for a bit more impact from their everyday sounds. This tier has also been a long time coming, since 2021, in fact.

Spotify's HiFi tier, now named Supremium, was delayed earlier this year, but the company insisted that it was coming soon. Rumors have surfaced twice in the last two weeks, and we now have an anticipated delivery date. There is some hope here, but we will proceed with caution until something happens.


Spotify's $20-a-month ‘Supremium’ tier is arriving soon. As Spotify continues to innovate in response to evolving consumer demands, the potential launch of a 'Supremium' tier signifies the company's commitment to providing diverse options for music enthusiasts.

The move aligns with a broader trend in the industry, where streaming services aim to create tailored experiences for users with varying preferences and expectations. The official unveiling of 'Supremium' is awaited with anticipation, as users look forward to exploring a new echelon of premium music streaming.

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