Friday, July 1, 2022
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SnapChat Tweaks for iPhone, iPad without jailbreak

A few SnapChat tweaks make it possible to save Snap stories and remove some of the limitations imposed in the official app. We highlight those tweaks here.

SnapChat is one of the most popular social networking platforms for sharing temporary messages and media with your friends and family. But sometimes, you may wish to retain some of the snaps and save them to your iOS device. A few SnapChat tweaks make it possible to save Snap stories and remove some of the limitations imposed in the official app.

Phantom For Snapchat is a tweaked snapchat app that offers a big variety of additional functions and features that the stock app lacks.

Phantom for Snapchat is not available on the iOS app store; In this case, you will need to use the app installer – Apps4iPhone, that has a lot of different apps and games.

SnapChat Phantom

Phantom is more of an extension of the original SnapChat app, and requires the original SnapChat app to be installed on your iOS device. With Phantom, you can achieve some of the most wanted features of SnapChat:

  • Keep Snaps in the feed
  • Ability to mark Snaps as Read when you want
  • Disable Hold gesture
  • A Snap log where you can see all your saved media
  • Selecting several contacts at once
  • Save received media to an album, password-protected folder or camera roll
  • Send videos and images from camera roll
  • Caption effects
  • Enable or disable Phantom easily
  • In-app customizations for notifications

Alternatives Snapchat Apps

SCOthman Snap

SnapChat tweaks

This is a tweaked version of the original SnapChat app with special features including the ability to save SnapChat Stories, permanently keep Snaps and chats, upload media from gallery, watch Stories privately (Incognito mode), disable discovery, spoof location, apply custom filters, 50-second video recording (instead of 10-second limitation), save media to custom album in Camera Roll, and many other features.


Snapchat++ offers additional features but cannot be used with the stock app. Get all the features and a download guide by tapping the link below.

If you’re a regular SnapChat user, you’ll certainly find these tweaks from both the apps useful.

Neither SnapChat Phantom, nor SCOthman Snap is available on the App Store, so ideally you would need to jailbreak your iOS device to install apps from external sources, such as Cydia. But thanks to Build Store, you don’t have to jailbreak your device just to install an app that is not on the App Store.

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