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OSRS Unlocking Guardians Of The Rift

Welcome to yet another of our gamer guides! One page at a time, we offer gamers the opportunity to better their skills and soar to new heights of excellence.

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Welcome to yet another of our gamer guides! One page at a time, we offer gamers the opportunity to better their skills and soar to new heights of excellence. Within this guide, we will explore OSRS; more specifically, how to unlock Guardians of the Rift—looking into what it takes to unlock the game, maneuver through other game mechanics, and enter the mini-game!
Guardians of the Rift offers players a fun and immersive way of leveling the Runecrafting skill. Unfortunately, one that we all know too well is a slow process, sometimes costing a lot to upkeep. Situations such as these often lead to players buying OSRS GPto purchase items needed and level up that way; luckily for our readers, we know just what to do! So, let's get into the guide itself.

Unlocking Guardians of the Rift

To be granted access to the mini-game, you'll need to unlock it first. To do this, you must have completed the Temple of the Eyequest. Luckily, this is a quest that carries few requirements, so almost anyone can get straight into the action. Additionally, this quest grants a handsome amount of XP, so you should be well on your way to the level 27 Runecrafting required to begin Guardians of the Rift. Now that we've covered that let's get on to what it is you'll need for this quest.

Requirements and Beginning

The initial requirements for entering Temple of the Eye are that the player has level 10 Runecrafting and the completion of the Enter the Abyss quest. However, there is somewhat of a rabbit hole to dive down; as this quest also requires the completion of Rune Mysteries in order to access it.
Now for the items! Luckily, the items required for this quest are considerably easy to come by. So, here's what you'll need:
  • Bucket of water
  • Chisel
  • Pickaxe
Once you've collected the needed requirements for this quest, head to Al Kharid and talk to Wizard Persten. Head to the north Al Kharid to the pool of water; here, you will find her, and she will show you an Eye Amulet. This amulet has secrets she wishes to uncover; sadly, this can only be done in The Abyss. You will be trusted to take the amulet and perform a tracing spell.
This spell will uncover the Eye Amulets' origins and secrets.

How to acquire the Incantation

Once you have acquired your items and met the leveling requirements, you will need to make your way to the Zamorakian Magical Institute. While there, speak with a member of the institute, and they will assist you in casting the needed spell.
But, before he will do so, you must provide him with a bucket of water (which you should have already) and a strong cup of tea. The tea you can purchase from the Tea Seller at the eastern gate of Varrock. When you have handed over the items you will be transported into the Abyss to speak with the Dark Mage.
The Dark Mage will have an odd request for you, which is to wash him with the bucket of water. Following this, he will cast the spell you came for, determining the origin of the Amulet.

Assisting with the Spell

Despite the Dark Mage beginning the spell, he can not complete it alone. So you will be tasked with determining the correct order that the Runic energies in the room should be positioned.
When correct, the energies will become white; if done incorrectly, they revert to their original color. So, prepare to concentrate and face some failures before completion.
Once you finally have the order correctly assembled, the Dark Mage will provide you with the incantation. Unfortunately, you will be unable to read it; therefore, you must seek out wizards with the ability to do so. Meaning our next stop is the Wizards Tower.

Heading to Wizards Tower

With the incantation in hand, return to Wizard Persten. She will inform you of the location of Archmage Sedridor inside the Wizards Tower. He will be found in the basement and can inform you how to get to the location of the Amulets' origin. He will, however, be hesitant, and you will need to convince him; additionally, while he begins to decipher the information you provided, you will be tasked with recruiting assistance.
This recruitment mission won't be as straightforward as you think, and you will need to solve a puzzle to do so. Make your way to the second floor and converse with Wizard Traiborn; he will request your assistance with the puzzle. To assist him, you must locate his three apprentices throughout the tower, and they will provide you with the clues to complete the puzzle. Once you have all of the answers, return to Wizard Traiborn and tell him the answer.
Now, with the assistance of the apprentices, head back to the basement and cast the incantation to go to the location the Amulet provides.

Entering Guardians of the Rift

Once you have completed the incantation, you will be transported, and a cutscene will play. In this cutscene, you will be transported to an underwater temple. This is the location of the Guardians of the Rift mini-game.
A portal will appear, and Wizard Persten will be sucked into the void. Making your next mission to seal the abyssal portals to prevent the entities residing inside the rift from entering the temple. The rest of this experience will be a tutorial for Guardians of the Rift to prepare you for what is to come. Once completed, leave the portal and tell Sedridor of the events that just unfolded. That will conclude the quest, and you will be granted access to the mini-game.


For completing this quest, you will be granted 1 Quest Point, a Medium Pouch to assist with Runecrafting, and finally, 5,000 Runecrafting XP. Making you ready for your Guardians of the Rift adventures!

Thanks for Reading!

Thank you once again to our readers for entrusting us with the much-needed guidance to navigate their favorite games. We sincerely appreciate our readers' loyalty by returning each week for their gamingadvice! We hope to see you next week for a new and exciting guide.
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