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7 Hacks To Earn Free Ethereum


7 Hacks to Earn Free Ethereum

You can earn Ethereum by legal and quite simple ways, using specialized platforms, having funds for investments and a minimum set of knowledge about cryptocurrency. There are also ways to get hold of this type of currency for free. For example, you can get one of the most popular cryptocurrencies with a simple game.

You can have fun and make money. For example, in the RollerCoin game, which can be found on request RollerCoin free ethereum mining, there are many mini-games that allow you to earn the popular Ethereum cryptocurrency without investment or with minimal amount of it. In Game to do this, you will have to complete some tasks but do not gorget to register. But let’s talk about other methods.

Method number 1 - earning Ethereum in games

Games are one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to mine cryptocurrency, and their additional advantage is that they are available to everyone, no lengthy training is required. To start playing and earning, you need only basic PC user skills, as well as access to the Internet.

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To better understand how to earn Ethereum by playing games, let's look at the example of the popular RollerCoin platform which is one of the biggest GameFi project in the world for now, which was created in 2017 and has managed to gain trust of over 2 million players during its existence. To start making money there you need:

  • go to the platform and go through registration with the procedure for confirming mail;
  • customize the avatar and other parameters of your character;
  • choose mini-games and start accumulating your first funds on the internal account.

There are two ways to get Ethereum and other types of cryptocurrencies on the site - with and without investments. In the first case, you will need start-up capital, you can enter even the minimum amount on the site. In the second case, the initial funds will have to be obtained in 8-bit simple games.


Method number 2 - earnings on exchanges

Another popular way to get free ethereum is to make transactions on cryptocurrency exchanges. Profit is the difference between rates, Ethereum is a sought-after cryptocurrency that can be traded. The essence of trading on the stock exchange is as follows:

  • purchase cryptocurrency at the lowest price;
  • monitor trends and exchange rate fluctuations;
  • sell at a better price.

To start earning this way, you need to have start-up capital. Working capital can be in a minimum amount, but at the same time with small investments it will be difficult to reach a decent income.

Method number 3 - cryptocurrency faucets

If you go to the search engine and register, for example, free ethereum mining, first thing you will be redirected to is cryptocurrency faucets. Amount of reward per visit is small, but at the same time it can be received frequently, for example, every 5-10 minutes when the page is reopened.

Method number 4 - performing simple tasks

There are platforms on the Internet that act as intermediaries between customers-advertisers and performers, that is, users. How these projects work:

  • sites accept orders for certain types of online activities, such as likes, reviews, comments, link clicks or video views;
  • tasks are posted on the site, the amount of remuneration is indicated;
  • performers register, select tasks, complete them and receive remuneration;
  • when the minimum amount for withdrawal is reached, you can apply and receive the money earned on a cryptocurrency wallet.

There are no risks in this method of mining Ethereum.

Method number 5 - lending

A method for those who already have experience in the field of blockchain and know the principles and rules of smart contracts. But besides this, in order to make money on lending, you must have start-up capital, initial funds that will be used for turnover. There are risks in this case, but they are minimal, since there are specialized applications and platforms that provide an extremely high level of security for such transactions.

Method number 6 - mining

Not everyone can mine Ethereum, since for this you need to acquire specialized equipment. In order to efficiently and quickly process huge blocks of information, it is necessary to have high-performance, powerful computers that work flawlessly. Therefore, in order to start mining cryptocurrency, it is necessary to invest a large amount in the purchase, maintenance and provision of equipment.

For those who do not want to spend money on buying equipment, there is an opportunity to try yourself as a miner with minimal investment.


Method number 7 - creating content

For those who like to create text content, there is an easy and fun way to mine cryptocurrency. There are platforms that can be used to publish texts and receive rewards with the ability to withdraw to wallets in the blockchain system. In this case, the level of earnings directly depends on the quantity and quality of the published content.

Using the above methods, you can accumulate a decent amount in Ethereum and use it for personal needs or for further earnings.

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