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Apple Magic Mouse 2 Not Working on Mac? Fix Now!


Having difficulties connecting or scrolling with your Apple Magic Mouse or Magic Mouse 2 on the Mac? In this article, we explain why Apple Magic Mouse is not working, and also outline how to fix the issue for good!

Magic Mouse is a must-have if you want to make working on your Mac as convenient as possible. Multi-Touch and sleek design have made it a cool accessory for MacBooks, iMacs, and Macs Mini.

Apple’s initial Magic Mouse and the follow-up Magic Mouse 2 exhibit few quirks. You may not think about the Magic Mouse until it suddenly stops tracking, the cursor becomes jerky, or the cursor moves super slow or super fast. When your Apple mouse is not working, there are several fixes you can try.

Instructions in this article apply to the Magic Mouse 2 and the initial Magic Mouse connected to a Bluetooth-enabled Mac computer with macOS Catalina (10.15) through OS X El Capitan (10.11).

If you are a confident Mac user, you must have bumped into the following difficulties with your Apple mouse at least once. So, why would Magic Mouse not be working? Why does it keep disconnecting for no reason? Or Magic Mouse 2 not scrolling correctly when editing in Word documents or surfing in Google Chrome?

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Causes of an Apple Magic Mouse not working

When the Magic Mouse loses its Bluetooth connection with the computer or its battery dies, it doesn’t function. If the optical sensor is dirty, the cursor may move in a jerky manner. If the cursor moves too slowly or too fast, the settings may be the cause. A corrupt preference file can cause all sorts of jerky movements.

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How to fix Magic Mouse not working

If you’re not using a trackpad or when you’re the owner of an iMac—Magic Mouse not responding makes you take a deep breath and google the solution.

Make sure your Magic Mouse is charged

To check the battery level of your Magic Mouse:

  • Click the Bluetooth icon (in the menu bar)—choose your wireless mouse
  • If the battery level is low—just recharge it
  • If the mouse isn’t showing—make sure it’s on

Fix Mac mouse not working after battery change

  • Turn off your Apple mouse
  • Go to System Preferences—Bluetooth tab—turn it on
  • Press the “click” action on your Apple mouse—then turn on the mouse. Don’t forget to hold down the click while it turns on
  • Pair your mouse to your Mac

Clean the contacts

Try this if you’ve been using the same rechargeable batteries for quite a while:

Soak cotton buds with a contact cleaner or 70-90% alcoholTake out the batteries. Clean both—battery contacts and the Magic Mouse’s contacts

How to fix Magic Mouse or Magic Mouse 2 not connecting

  • Turn off your Mac’s Bluetooth system and then turn it back on
  • Open System Preferences—go to Bluetooth—click the Turn Bluetooth Off button
  • Wait a few seconds—click it again to turn the Bluetooth back on
  • Check if the wireless mouse is working now

Disconnect the mouse from the Mac—then pair again

If your Magic mouse is losing connection or is still not detected by your Mac after following the tips above—turning it off might help. This trick also helps in many attempts to establish connectivity. To disconnect:

  • Click on the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar —choose your Magic Mouse
  • Click on it—choose Disconnect
  • Pair the device again

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How to Fix Magic Mouse Tracking Problems

Most of the fixes for an Apple mouse not working correctly are simple. Try these solutions to get your mouse up and running in almost no time.

Reseat the battery if you use a first-generation Magic Mouse and experience hesitant tracking behavior. The most likely reason is that the batteries in the mouse lost contact with the battery terminals. The result is that the Magic Mouse and Mac momentarily lose Bluetooth connectivity. To see if the mouse has a battery connectivity problem, lift the Magic Mouse off of the surface you’re using it on. If the green power LED blinks, the batteries are probably loose. There are ways to fix these kinds of Magic Mouse disconnect issues.

Charge the battery of a Magic Mouse 2

It doesn’t have the battery terminal problem because it doesn’t use standard AA batteries. Instead, Apple created a custom rechargeable battery pack for the second-generation mouse that you can’t access. Check the battery charge by clicking the Bluetooth icon on the Mac menu bar or in the Mouse system preferences. If the charge is low, take a break and plug it in.

Fix a dirty optical sensor

If you have a Magic Mouse 2 or can rule out a battery problem in your first-generation Magic Mouse, the mouse may be skipping or hesitating because debris or dirt is lodged in the mouse’s optical sensor. To fix this issue, turn the mouse over and use compressed air to blow out the dirt. If you don’t have compressed air on hand, blow into the sensor opening. Before putting the mouse on your work surface, clean the mouse pad or desktop area where you use the Magic Mouse.

Apple Magic Mouse Not Working

Check the Magic Mouse settings

Go to System Preferences > Mouse > Point & Click. If the Tracking speed slider is set to either an extremely slow or extremely fast speed, adjust it to a speed that suits you better.

Delete a damaged preference file

The preference file that your Mac uses to configure the Magic Mouse when you first turn it on may be corrupt. Locate the ~/Library/Preferences file and drag the following two files to the trash.

  • com.apple.AppleMultitouchMouse.plist
  • com.apple.driver.AppleBluetoothMultitouch.mouse.plist

When you restart the Mac, it recreates the default preference files for the mouse. Open System Preferences and reconfigure the mouse to meet your needs.

Before changing or deleting files in the Library folder, use Time Machine to back up the data on your computer.

The ~/Library/Preferences file is hidden on a Mac by default. Access it by going to Finder > Go > Go to Folder and typing ~/Library. Then select Go.

Upgrade your macOS

If Magic Mouse 2 one finger scroll option doesn’t work, the solution might be to upgrade to a newer version. To enjoy all Magic Mouse 2 features, you’ll need a higher macOS version. So, for Magic Mouse 2, you’ll need to run OS X El Capitan (version 10.11) to enjoy all of its features. For Apple Magic Mouse, OS X Leopard (version 10.5) is enough.

Seek professional help

If these fixes don’t solve the problem, you may have a hardware issue on your hands. Make an appointment at an Apple Store or take the mouse to an Apple Authorized Service Provider to evaluate and, if possible, repair the mouse.

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