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How To Fix It When Nintendo Switch Won’t Connect To WiFi

In this article, you will be able to learn how to fix it when Nintendo Switch won’t connected to WiFi.

Nintendo Switch requires a WiFi connection for you to access multiplayer mode and use voice chat, and also, you won’t be able to access or use download titles without a connection. However, most games on Nintendo Switch can be played with a data connection. In this article, you will be able to learn how to fix it when Nintendo Switch doesn’t connect to WiFi.

Important Note: Instructions in this article apply to the Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite, and Nintendo Switch (OLED model) consoles, with some noted exceptions.

How To Fix It When Nintendo Switch doesn’t Connect To WiFi

We walk you through several steps to hopefully fix your Nintendo Switch internet problems and get you back online and playing games again.

1. Check If Nintendo Switch Online Services Are Down

Firstly step to take is once you’ve noticed your Nintendo Switch won’t connect to WiFi. Then, you must check if Nintendo Switch online and other services. Furthermore, make sure the problem isn’t on Nintendo’s end before trying other fixes. 

A local or global outage will stop everyone’s Switches from accessing online services. 

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2. Make Sure You’re Not in Airplane Mode

Remember all wireless communication will be disabled once you enable Airplane Mode on your Nintendo Switch device. Though this helps you save battery when using the system on the go, it keeps you from getting online. 

However, you will only notice if the system is in Airplane mode if you see a plane icon at the top-right corner of the Home Screen. Here’s to toggle it off: 

  • Go to Settings
  • Locate Airplane Mode. 
  • Hit the toggle button.
  • You can also hold the Home button to open the Quick Settings and change it.

3. Restart Your Modem And Router

Whether your network seems to be up or not, it’s not a bad idea to try power-cycling it. For example, if your router and modem are separate, unplug them for about a minute. Then, plug your modem back in, wait about 30 seconds, and restore power to your router.

Power-cycling your modem or router might be the best solution to almost all WiFi problems, whether your network is up. Here’s how to get that done:

  • First, unplug them for a separate router and modem for about a minute.
  • Plug your modem back in, wait about 30 seconds
  • Now, restore power to your router.

If you have a combination router/modem, unplug it, wait about a minute, and plug it back in. Then, try the connection again once it’s wholly started up.

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4. Restart Your Nintendo Switch

Like any electronic device, restarting your Switch is an essential first step to clearing up temporary issues. Pressing the power button on your Switch only puts it into sleep mode, however, so there’s a good chance you haven’t power-cycled your system in some time.

Restarting your Switch is an important step to clear out temporary issues. However, there’s a good chance that you haven’t power-cycled the system in a while now. So here’s how to get it done in straightforward steps:

  • To fully shut down your Switch, press and hold the physical power button on the top-left of the system for several seconds. 
  • On the resulting menu, select Power Options 
  • Now choose Restart.

After a few seconds, the system will reboot. Give it a moment, then see if it reconnects to the internet.

5. Ensure Your Wireless Security Is Compatible

To keep your information and connection safe, you should secure your home network with a WEP or WPA key, but not every new standard may work with the Switch. Check Nintendo’s compatibility list for the most current support information.

6. Reduce WiFi Interference

The Switch doesn’t have a super powerful WiFi chip, so you may experience connection issues if you’re far away from your router. Keep an eye on the WiFi indicator in the top-right of your Switch’s home screen to see how strong your connection is.

If possible, move closer to your router for a more stable connection. It would help if you also tried to reduce interference by moving other electronics and metal objects outside of the path between your Switch and router.

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