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What To Do If Nintendo Switch Won’t Connect To Wifi? 10 Ways To Fix It

When using the portable console, having an active internet connection is preferable but not required although it is useful to have. If you want to know how to fix it when nintendo switch wont connect to wi fi, follow these steps.

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Because the Nintendo Switch was designed to be used away from home, the majority of games can be played on the hybrid system without the need for an active internet connection.
This is particularly true when using game cartridges. However, to set up the device, create a Nintendo account, download games, or participate in multiplayer modes, you will need a connection to the internet through Wi-Fi.
When using the portable console, having an active internet connection is preferable but not required although it is useful to have. If you want to know how to fix it when Nintendo switch won't connect to wi-fi,follow these steps.

Causes Of Nintendo Switch Not Connecting To Wi-Fi

For several different reasons, the Nintendo Switch has the potential to either lose its connection or be unable to establish a connection. Some reasons include.
Nintendo Switch Can't Connect To The Internet
Nintendo Switch Can't Connect To The Internet

Nintendo Switch Online Or Other Services Are Down

If you are unable to connect your Nintendo Switch to Wi-Fi and you obtain an error message that mentions problems with Nintendo Switch Online or other services linked to it, the fault may rest with the service provider themselves.
Server maintenance or brief outages that occur from time to time for Nintendo might have an impact on the company's online functioning. Visit Nintendo's official website or any of their social mediaoutlets to see if there have been any reports of service outages or if there is any planned maintenance to determine whether or not the problem is on Nintendo's end. If it turns out that Nintendo is responsible for the issue, the only thing you can do is sit tight till the service is back up and running.

Your Wi-Fi Network Is Down

If your Nintendo Switch is unable to connect to any Wi-Fi network, it is conceivable that the problem is with the network as a whole and not only with your Nintendo Switch. Check any additional devices that are linked to the network, such as laptops, cellphones, or tablets, to get things started.
If none of these devices are capable of connecting to Wi-Fi, the issue is most likely caused by your router or modem. To begin troubleshooting, you should first try restarting both your router and modem.
After waiting for around thirty seconds after you unplug them from the power source, you should then reconnect them. Give the devices enough time to completely restart before attempting to create a connection. You should give your Nintendo Switch another go at connecting to the Wi-Fi network.
If the problem with the network continues, you should get in touch with your internet service provider (ISP) for additional help. They can assist you in diagnosing and fixing any network issues that may arise.

Your Switch Is Out Of Range Of The Router

If you move the Nintendo Switch too far away from its associated router, the quality of its Wi-Fi connection may suffer. Walls, huge objects, and other kinds of obstructions might reduce the signal strength and make it difficult to establish a connection.
Make sure that your Nintendo Switch is within a distance that is considered to be "reasonable" from the router. The greater the distance between them, the weaker the Wi-Fi signal will be.
Take remove any physical obstacles that are standing in the way of the Switch and the router. Walls, furniture, and appliances are all potential sources of signal disruption. If you can, move the router or the switch to a different location so that there is a better line of sight.
Think about using a Wi-Fi range extender or a mesh network solution to solve your connectivity issues. These gadgetsassist in expanding the coverage of your Wi-Fi network, which ultimately results in a better signal across your house.

Your Network's Security Key Is Incompatible

If your Nintendo Switch is unable to connect to your Wi-Fi network and you get an error message indicating that the security key is incompatible, this indicates that the Switch is unable to function with the encryption mechanism or security settings that are used by your router.
Accessing the settings of your router from a computer or smartphone that is linked to the same network as the router can allow you to address this problem. Locate the wifi security settings and adjust the kind of security to one that is appropriate for your device.
WEP and WPA2-PSK (AES) are the two kinds of wireless security protocols that are supported by the Nintendo Switch the most. Once you have finished modifying the security type, you will need to save the settings and then restart your router. The next step is to use the revised security key when attempting to join your Nintendo Switch to the Wi-Fi network.

A Firewall Is Preventing The Switch From Accessing Your Network

If you have a firewall configured on your router or any other network security measures in place, they may prevent the Nintendo Switch from connecting to Wi-Fi. This may also be the case if you have any other network security measures in place.
To solve this problem, you will need to open the settings of your router and temporarily deactivate the firewall as well as any other security measures that might be interfering with the connection of the Switch.
Make sure to save the changes and then restart the router. The next step is to give your Nintendo Switch another go at connecting to the Wi-Fi network. If you can successfully connect the Switch after temporarily removing the firewall, you will need to reconfigure the firewall so that it will allow the required amount of network traffic for the console.
For instructions on how to appropriately configure the settings for your router's firewall, go to the user manual or get in touch with the manufacturer's support team.

What To Do When Your Switch Won't Connect To Wi-Fi (10 Ways To Fix It)

You will need to do a series of troubleshooting actions to solve the problem that you are having with your wifi connection. Find out what these stages are by reading the following.

How To FIX Nintendo Switch Internet NOT Working/Connecting! [won't connect to WiFi SOLVED]

Restart The Nintendo Switch Console

After holding down the Power button for around three seconds, go to the Power Options menu, and then pick Restart.

Power Cycle The Network

For about thirty seconds, disconnect your modem or router (if it is a separate device from the modem) from the power outlet. Before trying to re-establish a connection for your Nintendo Switch, check to see that the lights on the router are steady.

Try Using The 5 GHz Band

If your router has dual-band capabilities, which means it can broadcast wifi signals at both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, you should attempt to utilize the 5 GHz frequency instead of the 2.4 GHz frequency.
Both bands are compatible with Nintendo Switch consoles, but your best bet is to use the 5 GHz frequency and see if it helps. Because the default connection setting for many wireless devices is 2.4 GHz, there is the potential for signal interference within this band. It's possible that shifting your Nintendo to a 5 GHz band with less interference will solve the problem for you.

Move Closer To Your Router

You may be located too far away from the network if you are using a Switch Lite or similar console that is in portable mode (that is, it is not attached to your TV). Try moving to a new location and seeing if it helps improve the connection. If your Switch is already attached to its dock, you should try relocating it as near as possible to the router.

Change Router Channel

You may also try switching the channels on your router if your Nintendo Switch is still having problems connecting to the internet through wireless networking at this time. You may try using channels 1, 6, and 11 to see which one works the best. To have a better understanding of each channel, you should use your Switch for some time while you are linked to all of them.

Re-Enter Wifi Password

WEP, WPA-PSK(AES), and WPA2-PSK(AES) are among the wireless security protocols that are supported by the Nintendo Switch. If you are using a security protocol in your router that is not one of those specified, you should attempt to change it to one of the supported protocols if you want to continue using it.

Re-Create Network Connection

You may need to manually re-add your Nintendo Switch to your home network as a troubleshooting step if the SSID is hidden on your home router because it was configured to do so for greater security.
If you have no clue what we are talking about here, your best bet is to conduct some study on the topic before moving on to the next phase, which is designed for more sophisticated technical users.
Only the SSID option has to be modified when you manually make an internet connection in your console. It is OK to keep the remainder of the settings at their current values. You will need to make use of the Manual Setup option that can be found in the System Settings menu under Internet,
Internet Settings, and Networks Found to change the SSID. You may try using the option to broadcast your SSID openly rather than concealing it to see if it will cure the problem. This option is available if you are using the alternative.

Check For Wifi Signal Interference

There is a possibility that your home's wifi signals may be disrupted by things like strong steel-reinforced walls, wireless equipment, and metal items. It is recommended that you position your Nintendo Switch console as near to the router as you can get it while also keeping it away from any potential sources of signal interference.
After doing these steps, if the console is still able to connect to the internet without any difficulties, the problem may be caused by signal interference. To determine which of the potential causes is causing the issue, you will need to use the method of elimination.

Change DNS Server

If you are using a different DNS server on your console, you should attempt to go back to the default DNS server that was provided by your internet service provider (ISP). Try adjusting the DNS server setting manually to see if it will work. The DNS server is normally configured to use the automatic setting.

Return Software Settings To Defaults (Factory Reset)

If none of these remedies work, and your Nintendo Switch continues to have problems with its internet connection, there may be a more serious software issue that can only be resolved by resetting the console to its factory settings. Follow the steps in this article to learn how to restore your console to its factory settings.

Nintendo Switch WiFi / Internet Connection Issues : Reasons & 7 Fixes / Solutions

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Why Does My Switch Keep Disconnecting From Wi-Fi?

The Wi-Fi connection is likely unreliable. If at all feasible, do troubleshooting on your Wi-Fi network.

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It may be a highly distressing experience if a Nintendo Switch or any other gamingdevice has problems with its WiFi connection. It is a regular issue for the Switch to have wifi issues, and there are several solutions available online.
Checking to see whether the internet is operational is a simple initial step that, even though it is very unlikely to be the source of how to fix it when Nintendo switch won't connect to wi-fi, needs to be done nevertheless. Turning off the device and then turning it back on again has proven successful for many people. Changing the DNS server number has proven successful for a lot of people.
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