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How To Fix A Kindle Fire That Won’t Turn On

Experiencing problems such as Kindle won't turn on? This article explains how to fix a Kindle Fire that won't turn on.

Daniel Barrett
Jul 06, 202225272 Shares743293 Views
Is your Kindle Fire not turning on? If so, you’re not alone! In fact, this is the most common problem that Fire users encounter. This article explains how to fix a Kindle Fire that won’t turn on.

Causes of Kindle Fire Not Turning On or Charging

When your device doesn’t turn on or charge, it’s likely due to one of a few issues:
  • Insufficient power.
  • A problem with the charger or outlet.
  • Damage to the internal hardware.
  • Damaged or corrupt files on the device.

How To Fix Kindle Won’t Turn On Issue?

Give it a Chance to Charge

If a Kindle Fire is charging slowly, it might not turn on right when you plug it in, so wait a few minutes and try again.

Reset Your Fire Tablet

To reset your Kindle Fire tablet, just hold down the power button for 20 seconds or until it completely powers off.
Usually, it is easy to know when this has worked, as the screen goes black. But since you are already starting off with a black screen, it is hard to tell. So be sure to hold it down for the full 20 seconds.
Then, press the power button to turn it back on. Note that a quick ‘tap’ on the power button probably won’t be enough – you may have to hold it down for a few seconds to get it to power up again.

Check the Charger

Make sure you use the charger that came with your device. If it’s damaged, fix the broken charger or find another cable and adapter that’s compatible with Fire tablets.

Check the Charging Port

If your Kindle Fire won’t turn despite trying everything to charge it, the charging port (where you attach the cable) may be damaged or loose.
The wear and tear of continually connecting and reconnecting the cable can sometimes cause this, especially when it’s not done with a great deal of care!
At first you may still be able to charge your Fire by laying it flat and pushing the cable in more firmly. Unfortunately, though, once a port starts to loosen, the problem can get worse unless you are super careful.

Restore Latest Software

  • With the Fire off, press and hold the “Volume Up” button, then press “Power” for 45 seconds to turn the Fire on.
  • Continue to hold “Volume Up” until you see a message that says “Installing the latest software“.
  • Wait for the installation to complete; hopefully, you can enjoy using the device again.
Hopefully one of these tips above worked. If you’ve discovered something else that helps or are still struggling, please post a detailed story below in the comments section.
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